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Teachers’ Day Celebrations

Estrellas is a spanish word that means stars. A sky full of stars may look ordinary and common, but to those who look hard enough, a sky full of stars is a sky full of constellations. What's important are not these patterns, but rather the richness of the universe our teachers let us discover, hence the theme for this year’s Teachers’ Day concert.

 This year’s celebration kick-started with the anticipated walk-in of our dearest teachers. Under the canopy of paper stars they made their entrance in their various departments, displaying  their unique props such as lasers and party poppers. This was followed by heartfelt performances by Crescentians expressing their appreciation for their teachers. The students won the hearts of many with their sweet voices and sincerity. One such was the original composition by Tyler and Nicole alongside 3G1’s and 4G2’s enthusiastic dedication. The Secondary 4 Student Councillors put up a song and dance item that received thunderous applause and roaring cheers. To end off the event, the Secondary 3 Dancers lightned the atmosphere and displayed their amazing talent with a dance that expressed their gratitude to teachers for all their help and guidance. Through the concert, teachers were recognised for the attributes Crescentians appreciated the most.

 This wonderful day of celebration was indubitably a meaningful way that to thank our teachers for their unwavering faith in us and their guidance along our journey thus far. Students have come and gone over the past 60 years but what will never change is our teachers’ passion in helping us grow into ladies and leaders of tomorrow. Our teachers are indeed shining stars that light up our lives.

Reported by Clara Goh and Benicia Tan (2S2)

Student Leaders’ Investiture 2016

“Crescendo: Lifting Others, Rising Together.” This was the theme for Crescent Girls’ School Third Student Leaders’ Investiture 2016. O28 June 2016, the various student leaders of Crescent Girls’ School came together and promised to work together to bring the school to greater heights as one Crescent family. 

In line with Crescent’s 60th Anniversary, the theme Crescendo: Lifting Others, Rising Together” means that as student leaders, we come together and strive to serve the school to the best of our abilities. Our ultimate aim is to improve the school through carrying out our duties with utmost dedication and coming up with new and innovative initiatives 

The audience applauded in great anticipation as the first group of students confidently strutted onto the stage. They were the class chairpersons and vice-chairpersons. As each class name was read out, students from the respective classes cheered for their friends with utmost enthusiasm. 
Subsequently, the Co-Curricular Activities’ Leaders paraded onto stage. Each group brought along props unique to their own CCA and charmed the audience with their skills. They were certainly deserving of the applause that followed as they bowed to the audience proudly. 

Following that, the appointment of the new leaders and the handover of Executive Committee took place for each of the four leadership groups in Crescent, namely the courteous Crez Ambassadors, the ever passionate House Leaders, the devoted Peer Leaders and the prideful Student Council.   
The Secondary 2 and 3 probationary leaders were officially and warmly welcomed by their seniors into the leadership group. It was a glorious moment to witness the care and love Crescentians had for one another. Soon, the newly appointed leaders and the senior leaders took their leave to reveal the Executive Committee of the previous year and the newly appointed Executive Committee standing proudly before everyone’s eyes. The new EXCO took their position and vowed to carry on the great work of their seniors in fulfilling their shared vision. 
The event was followed by presenting Certificates of Appreciation towards the Secondary 4 students in recognition of the efforts they had put in to serve the school for the past 4 years. Everyone watched in great respect at the leaders as we reminisced the remarkable legacy that has been left behind by the seniors. It is now certainly our duty to follow the footsteps of our aspiring leaders to continue serving the school for the better. 

The inspiring speeches by our 2015/2016 and 2016/2017 Student Council Presidents, as well as our Principal Mrs Tan Chen Kee and Guest-Of-Honour Miss Chua Hui Chee left deep impressions in our hearts and minds with their wise words, words which we will certainly remember throughout our leadership journey in Crescent as we serve the school. Reciting the Student Leader’s Creed sealed a promise to our dedication to lead the student body and serve the school. 

The event closed with a groovy dance item performed by the 2016/2017 Executive Committee of Crescent Girls’ School where members of the different leadership groups danced in great unison with overflowing chemistry together. This reflects the excellence and bond that they hope to bring about as the new representatives of the school. 

The success of the event itself is a testimony of the great glory Student Leaders of Crescent are capable of bringing to the school. The collaboration, effort and thinking that went behind each and every action of the leaders were certainly extraordinary. I believe that it only leaves us with one thing, and that is to wish these leaders all the best in their upcoming journey as they walk in the shoes of their seniors, demonstrating their ability to live up to the image as true Ladies and Leaders of Tomorrow.


Threat To Our Planet: Robert Swan, an advocate for saving Planet Earth, once said, “The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it”. People often talk about saving the environment, yet we see Earth growing worse and worse each day. How do we really save the environment?

During the September holidays, our school’s Environmental Committee, together with a group of students and two teachers, took part in the International Coastal Cleanup. The mangrove we were going to clean was located at Pandan Mangrove.

The Big Day Upon arrival, we put on rubber gloves, and with a noble passion in our hearts, began to pick up litter. There were also other volunteers from different organizations who were here to do their part. We worked in two groups, picking up a variety of trash. Some picked up litter while others kept a data card to tally the number of each object picked up, which would then be collated to determine the sort of trash people threw. Plastic bottles ranked top on our list. After two hours of intense work, our energy was depleted, and we began to clean ourselves. Two students were slightly hurt, but after being treated by Ms Ou Yang Xiuling and Mrs Yip Wai Pheng, they were fine and ready to go.

Reflections Initially, many of us were extremely nervous and afraid of getting muddy. However, when we got started, we grew more courageous and some even ventured into the middle of the mangrove where it was extremely muddy. It was also a good opportunity to see the variety of wildlife there, such as baby crabs and lobsters. Having cleared 24 kg of trash from the mangrove, we headed home with a huge sense of pride and accomplishment. We certainly hope to be able to come again and do our part for the environment.

Reported by The CGS Environmental Committee 2016