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P6 Open House@CGS

The Primary 6 Open House is an annual event where we open our gates to the Primary 6 students and showcase the best of Crescent. It is an opportunity for all Crescentians to share their passions with their potential juniors through platforms such as lesson demos on LSCEP, Communicative Arts, and CCA performances and booths.

This year, I am glad to be given the opportunity to participate in the lesson demo on LSCEP, a uniquely Crescentian programme which aims to equip all Crescentians with key ICT literacy competencies.

The afternoons leading up to the event were intense as we had to prepare and practise for the lesson demo. My role was to introduce coding to the visitors and share my learning process with them. During the demonstration, my teammate, Shreya and I had to perform the mammoth task of figuring out an easy code to make the drone perform tricks – flying in a circle and then doing a flip. What I thought was going to be an easy task turned out to be a rather arduous one! It took us multiple times to get it right. However, in the end we succeeded and managed to get the drone to fly up using a very elegant code.

Prior to the demo, I was very nervous in front of the parents because I did not know how they were going to react to our demonstrations. I was pleasantly surprised by the visitors who looked very happy and contented with our lesson demo and that lifted the heavy weight off of my shoulders.

The lesson demos were very engaging and left a good impression on the parents. Overall, I felt this event gave me a new experience in challenging myself to solve real-world problems and enabled me step out of my comfort zone to develop myself further.

Reported by Megan Kwek (2S2)


Euphoric. Triumphant. Proud. These were some of the overflowing emotions members of the Crez Chorale felt as we stepped backstage after our first student-initiated concert, Vivace, on 19th November 2016.  Vivace (pronounced vi-va-chey), is an Italian musical term used commonly in many pieces of different genres; it means that the music is lively and fast.   

This has certainly been an enriching experience. Through Vivace, some of our choristers had the opportunity to conduct the choir and we all came to understand the long, arduous ‘behind-the-scene’ preparations involved in staging a concert. We not only had to practise tirelessly for our performances, but also design flyers to promote the concert, craft the emcee script, as well as decorated the Performing Arts Theatre for the event. 

 During the few weeks leading up to Vivace, Crez Chorale also learnt the basics of vocal arranging. We owe much gratitude to two members of a local a cappella group, MICappella, Ms Calin and Mr Peter, for their interesting music lessons and their help in arranging two songs: the first a mashup of Pompeii by Bastille and Viva la Vida by Coldplay, and the other a Star Wars medley that we dedicated to our principal, Mrs Tan, who is leaving Crescent. Both songs were extremely well-received by the audience. 

 Having the opportunity to stage our very own concert was definitely incomparable to anything Crez Chorale has ever experienced before. Seeing our audience’s faces light up with joy made our hearts burst with pride. Undoubtedly, this will motivate us to put up an even better production next year!    

 Reported by Eunice Sng (3G1)


Dance Concert 2016: In Appreciation

Coalesce: coming together as one whole. That was the theme for this year’s Chinese and Modern Dance, appreciation concert. 

With multi-coloured hand-crafted tassels hanging from door to door, the auditorium sparkled with excitement as the audience cheered, eagerly anticipating the performances. 

Of the many astounding performances, the Lion Dance, featuring various elements such as stilt-walking and Dragon Dance, moving in tune to the energetic beat of the drums and cymbals took centre stage. The audience was bewildered as they watched the dancers perform, their hearts pounding to the sound of the drums and cymbals. Equally captivating were the performances by the dance troupe – their grace and poise, complemented with colourful props that added to the magnificent scene.

The performances ranged from hip hop to contemporary or even a mixture of both. Each group stepped on stage, their movements graceful yet full of life, showcasing the talent of each dancer and the hard work they had put in over the course of the month. Their hearts tingled with satisfaction as they basked in the limelight before finally taking their bow. 

As the event neared its end, the dancers presented a dedication video they had prepared, hand-written notes and a bouquet, to express their gratitude for the support given to them by their principal, Mrs Tan Chen Kee, who would be leaving Crescent Girls’ School at the end of 2016. In addition, montages of pictures of the dancers’ family and friends were specially prepared, warming everyone’s hearts. 

In the finale, all the performers gathered on stage to dance to their hearts’ content. They definitely ‘Can’t Stop The Feeling’ of excitement! As the curtains drew in, the whole crowd screamed the Crescent cheer with tears of utter joy brimming in their eyes. It was indeed a spectacular evening that no one would forget. 

Reported by Ting Hou Yee (3C2) and Jena Heng Shu Xuan (3G2)