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Chinese New Year Celebration

Crescent Girls’ ushered in the year of the Monkey with the usual concert. This year, the performers from China prepared a special performance for us. The first item was a group of dancers displaying their agility as they cartwheeled in the air to the rhythm of the instruments performed by the other members of the group. They were later joined by a group of dancers in indigo pantsuits and holding bright-coloured fans. It was a stunning performance.

 In the next items the artistes impressed us with their skills as they played delightful tunes on the flute, followed by a magic show which left us in amazement as we pondered over the logic-defying tricks.  

 Then the graceful traditional couple dance took center stage with  colour -coordinated couples dancing gracefully together. It was a light-hearted performance, both joyous and merry. The last item had us on our toes. The auditorium was filled with loud cheers as a male performer, attired in a majestic red costume put on a mask that switched with every flick of his head. It was a mind-bending performance that kept us engaged.  

Not to be outdone, our very own students put up a stellar performance in which they displayed their skills in playing musical instruments such as the violin, as well as in dance and even in martial arts too, impressing us with fierce kicks in the air.

A delightful Chinese tune silenced the cheers as the Crescent Dance troupe came on stage. A spirited group of dancers pulled out remarkable moves with their red streamers as girls strutted on stilts behind them. Then, the lights dimmed and the dancers performed in costumes that glowed. We also had a performance by a duet who entertained us with their rendition of a popular Chinese song titled ‘Happiness’.

The concert ended on a high note, with the House leaders leading the whole school in a lively mass dance. As always, the united spirit of Crescentians shone.  What a sensational ending for the concert and a warm welcome to the next few days of more celebrations ahead!