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The theme for our celebrations is Crescendo. Crescendo (krə-shĕn′dō) is a music term that describes a gradual increase in loudness. It is used to instruct music performers to go towards a point that is higher than what is current. 

As the theme of Crescent’s CG60 celebrations, it symbolises the school's rise from humble beginnings to where we are today. It also symbolises every Crescentian's journey of growth in Crescent, and how each one is empowered to make an increasing impact in society. 

It serves as an inspiration to our girls to rise above the challenges of the day, and represents our aspiration to constantly reach to higher points of achievement and impact.

Watch this space, as we unfold a whole year of celebration of CG60!



Interesting Facts about Crescent 1

interesting_facts (1).jpgid you know when our Band was founded? Well, it began in September 1967, two years after Singapore's independence. Back then, it was a Brass Band with merely 35 members. In 1978, it became a full-fledged Symphonic Band with a total strength of 160 members!

All these would not have been possible without the dedication, grit and constant guidance of the Founding Father of the CGS Band, Mr Lee Seck Chiang, who celebrated his 85th birthday last July.

“We either do it well or don’t do it at all” - his constant reminder has become the guiding principle for many of the past and present CGS Band members.

Crescent Recollections 1

Class of 2014 - Teo Sze-Anne

crescent_recollections.pngDo you have short stories or recollections of your time in Crescent? Would you like to share these stories and recollections in celebration of CG60? Please sign up for a date and 20-minute time slot, come down to school and a film/photo crew will be here to capture your stories. 

We want to feature your story on Facebook and Instagram. Each short story should start with the words "I remember, when we were in Crescent ...” Following this link ( to sign up for Crescent Recollections!

The available dates are: 13 February and 20 February.

See you there!

Crescent Gives Back 1


At Crescent, celebrations are never just about ourselves. Just as we celebrate Crescendo, and remember our rise from humble beginnings, we recognise that our growth as a school and as individual Crescentians would not have been possible without the help of the community. And at Crescent, we want to give back. Crescent Gives Back is a school-wide initiative to celebrate CG60. All students will engage in community projects this year to commemorate CG60.

Some Sec 1 students interacting with HCA resident (2).jpg

Would you like to do your part for Crescent Gives Back? All who are part of the Crescentian family – parents, CGSAA members, ex-students, School Advisory Committee, partners – are encouraged to take part in Crescent Gives Back. Rally a group together. Do a community project. Raise some funds. Tell us about it. Do it all in commemoration of CG60.

Crescent Girls helping out at HCA Hospice (2).jpg

You are free to do community projects with any community organisation of your choice. All funds raised will be given to The Rainbow Centre and HCA Hospice – two long-term community partners of the school.

Because in this CG60 year, Crescent Gives Back!

Follow this link to tell us if you’d like to join us! (

Interesting Facts about Crescent 2

interesting_facts (1).jpg

Can you recognise the teachers in these photos? 

How many of them can you recognise?



Do you know of any ex-Crescentians who have made significant contributions to society? Do you know of any of them who display admirable strength, passion and spirit in the field they have ventured into?

In our CG60 year, we celebrate 60 years of nurturing ladies and leaders of character. Hence, we would like to acknowledge outstanding Crescentians who fulfil the following criteria:
- Have graduated from Crescent, AND
- Are prominent leaders in their respective fields, OR
- Are actively involved in serving our community with clear and definable benefits to individuals or society as a whole, OR
- Have demonstrated admirable strength of character in overcoming adversities 

The nomination and selection process is as follows:
Potential candidates are identified by the CG60 Steering Committee members who comb through publications and other public records.

Ex-Crescentians are also encouraged to submit names with write-ups for consideration. A panel consisting of representatives from the School Advisory Committee, CGS Alumnae Association, the School and Past Principals will undertake the task of selecting the CG60 Ladies and Leaders of Character. These selected ladies will be featured at our 60th Anniversary Gala Dinner on 1 September 2016.

Wait no further! You're encouraged to submit a write-up to provide reasons for nominating an ex-Crescentian and describe how the nominee meets the selection criteria stated above. Visit this link to submit your write-up


Nominations should reach us by 
1 April 2016!

Crescent Connections 3

Sisters of Crescent, from Past to Present  
From L to R: Aunties Quek Ser Choon (Class of 1978), Quek Wei San (Class of 1977, AM2@CGS) and Nieces Quek Su Yi (Class of 2014), Quek Su Ning (4G3, Class of 2016)

Photo 2.jpg

Crescent Recollections 2

Listen to what these ex-Crescentians have to say about what student councillors had to do when they served the school in the past.

Crescent Connections 1


Nicole and Pauline Ang

Photo 1.jpg

Crescent Recollections 3


What do these ex-Crescentians remember fondly about learning together at CGS?

Crescent Connections 2

Sisters from Crescent

On the left: Shawn Lim Su Kuan, Class of 2014 
On the right: Nicole Lim Su Fang, Class of 2011


Interesting Facts about Crescent 3

interesting_facts (1).jpg
Some of our Crescent teachers are ex-Crescentians. Can you guess who these teachers are?

Crescent Gives Back 2

‘March for MacRitchie Event’ – 4G3’s S-Via at the National Library

Icon to be used for School Website - crescent_gives_back.pngWith the theme of the environment, we conducted Origami and Book Reading sessions for our S-VIA project at the National Library. During the Origami hands-on session, we had the opportunity to interact with children. Their curiosity was piqued as they came up with numerous animal-printed Origamis of cranes, puppies and foxes, to name a few.

At the half hour mark, those of us who were participating in the Book Reading session gathered under a gigantic tree where children and their parents were seated. They were eagerly listening as we promoted environmentally-friendly habits such as using dish towels instead of paper towels and no littering to provide a safe environment for animals.

The day ended with a quiz and handmade bookmarks were awarded as prizes to the children who were able to answer the questions accurately which reinforced our objective of creating awareness about the environment.

Crescent Gives Back 3

I&E Club’s Valentine’s Day Fundraising Sale

Icon to be used for School Website - crescent_gives_back.pngOn the 10th and 11th of February, the Innovation and Enterprise Club held our annual Valentine's Day Sale to raise funds for Rainbow Centre Singapore. During the sales, I&E Club members sold a wide variety of products such as helium balloons, DIY chalkboads confectionary and laptop stickers. From planning to implementation, this social enterprise project spanned over two months involving all Secondary 2 to 4 members.

The event received an overwhelming response from the student body. We were very glad to donate $1000 from the proceeds to the ‘CG60 Crescent Gives Back Initiative’ so that we could help the less fortunate in our community. 

Interesting Facts about Crescent 4

interesting_facts (1).jpg

School Buildings and Facilities

Aren't you curious to find out what our school looked like in the past?

Did you know that back then the main entrance to our school was along Prince Charles Crescent?

Crescent Connections 4

Mother & Daughter from Crescent:

Ong Siew Muay (Class of 1979) & Janice Leong (Class of 2010)

Photo 4.jpg

Crescent Connections 5

crescent_connections.pngFamily members of Mdm Christina Low (Class of 1983) - Head of Department PE/CCA

First Row from L to R: Mdm Jaime Wang, Mdm Flora Wang, Mdm Wang Tik Cher  [Aunts graduated in the 70s] 

                            Back Row from L to R: Ms Laura Wang, [Cousin graduated in the 90s] , Ms Judy                             Low, Ms Jeanne Low, Mdm Christina Low, Ms Catherine Low [Sisters Graduated                             in the 80s]

PHOTO 5.jpg

Crescent Gives Back 4

Icon to be used for School Website - crescent_gives_back.pngPSG CNY Fundraising Sale 2016

2016 for the PSG began with parents heeding the call to "Come Swing With Us" CNY Recess Sale as we ushered in the Year of the Monkey. 

2016 - the Year of Monkey.JPG

Generous parents donated cash and food. Equally generous girls purchased delectable snacks and delicious food to share with good friends or bring back home for their family!  

For the PSG members, it was a time of camaraderie, appreciating what we had, and giving back to the school.  
The food smells really delicious!.jpgParents getting ready the booth.jpg

The festive carnival-like atmosphere set the tone for the real celebrations over the long weekend. Thank you for making this a success!

Crescent Gives Back 5

Icon to be used for School Website - crescent_gives_back.pngRed Cross Flag Day

On 6 March 2016, our Red Cross cadets participated in the Red Cross Flag Day to raise funds for our local humanitarian efforts. The funds raised would go towards the following services:

                  • Red Cross Home for the Disabled
                  • TransportAid
                  • FoodAid
                  • Community FirstAid

We believe that the involvement in this project helped engender a spirit of social consciousness in our cadets and emphasise the values that we want our youth to embrace.

Red Cross Flag Day.jpg

Crescent Gives Back 6

Icon to be used for School Website - crescent_gives_back.png4S1’s S-ViA with Beyond Social Services (BSS)

Our class, 4S1, carried out our S-ViA from late February till mid-March. We had the pleasure working with the Beyond Social Services (BSS), a non-profit organisation comprising only volunteers with the aim to curb delinquency among disadvantaged youths and to assist them in tackling their problems.

Our class took part in the mini Free Marts organised by BSS to engage the children living in the Henderson Estate to complete an educational survey and to know the children there. We helped BSS distribute flyers, mCan the stalls nd administer the survey on the actual days. In addition, we conducted a donation drive in Crescent to collect items in good condition to support this event. Overall, it was meaningful as we learnt that not everyone is fortunate to receive education, and that we should not take anything for granted.

Crescent Gives Back 7

Icon to be used for School Website - crescent_gives_back.pngAVA – SG Caring Hearts

On 17th March, AVA club had the pleasure of working with SG Caring Hearts to make fabric roses from scratch. These roses will be sold on Mother's Day this year and all proceeds will go to Caring Hearts beneficiaries. It was not easy initially as we had to acquire sewing skills within a short span of time. Despite the initial struggles, we managed to make a total of 110 roses! We were so proud of ourselves. We also hope that all of us will play our part to help Singaporeans who are less fortunate than us.

Interesting Facts about Crescent 5

interesting_facts (1).jpg
Alexandra Canal

All of us are familiar with the Alexandra Canal situated next to our school. Do you want to know what it was like in the past? Listen to what some of our teachers/ex-Crescentians have to say about it.

Interesting Facts about Crescent 6

interesting_facts (1).jpgSwimming Carnival

In the 1970s and 1980s, we used to have the annual Swimming Carnival. Back then, it was held at the Delta Swimming Complex nearby. You may ask, what happened to the Swimming Carnival? It has been replaced by the Cross Country that we have till today.

Crescent Connections 6

Family members of Miss Lim Xin Yi (Class of 2013, 4C1)

From L to R : Chan Kit Yin [Mother graduated in 1983 ], Lim Xin Yi [graduated in 2013], Leong Yoke Pooi [Grandaunt graduated in 1961], Leong Yoke Chan [Grandaunt graduated in 1965]
PHOTO 06.jpg

Crescent Connections 7

Family members of Mdm Tan Lik Hua (Class of 1966) 
From L to R: Mdm Tan Ah Nia [Elder Sister graduated in 1964] Mdm Tan Lik Hua [Self], Mdm Tan Swee Hua, Mdm Tan Cher Hua, Mdm Tan Hwee Hua [Younger Sisters graduated in 1970, 1972, 1975 respectively], Mdm Tan Chor Peng [Sister-in-law graduated in 1977], Miss Tan Tabitha [Niece graduated in 2004]

PHOTO 07.jpg

Crescent Connections 8

crescent_connections.pngCousins From L to R: Sofia Barvin Binte Mohamed Rafick [graduated in 2007] and Norazimah Binte Ibrahim [graduated in 2002]Photo 08.jpg

Crescent Connections 9

crescent_connections.pngFOUR SISTERS From L to R: Manjit Kour [graduated in 1967], Sarjit Kaur [graduated in 1962], Malkit Kaur [graduated in 1964], Ranjit Kaur [graduated in 1971]Photo 10.jpg

Crescent Connections 10

crescent_connections.pngTwin Sisters - From left: Nadiah and Nadirah from 2G2Photo 11.jpg

Crescent Connections 11

Family Members of Miss Siow Hui Min (Current Student, 2G1) 
From L to R : Siow Hui Min, Tan Suan Hoon [Mother graduated in 1984], Tan Suan Ee [Aunt graduated in 1981], Tan Suan Poh [Aunt graduated in 1976], Tan Suan Cheo [Aunt graduated in 1974], Tan Suan Eng [Aunt graduated in 1970]
Photo 09.jpg

Crescent Gives Back 8

Icon to be used for School Website - crescent_gives_back.png
Digital Art and Manga Club

Our club, the Digital Art and Manga Club, was excited about the opportunity to give back to society by setting up a merchandise stall during the Crez Carnival selling items which we had painstakingly drawn and made. Items for sale ranged from bookmarks, postcards, key chains, badges to stickers. The response was great and some designs were quickly sold out. In fact, we even had to take orders for the sold-out items to be delivered later in the semester.

Through this experience, we learned that many hands make quick work and that giving back to society requires the concerted effort from everyone to have a lasting impact! 

Crescent Gives Back 9

Icon to be used for School Website - crescent_gives_back.png
KDF (the Netball Team)

Lively music was blasting through the speakers, exciting carnival games were set up, and the fragrance of freshly prepared food wafted in the air as we stepped into the Kallang Netball Centre. It was the 2nd of April, and the Crescent Netball Team had signed up to play in the Kidney Dialysis Foundation (KDF) Netball Carnival with many other schools. It was a good way for us to contribute to the community as the registration fees went to the KDF funds to aid the patients and organisation. We played match after match, and gave our very best effort, putting our heart into every match. During our breaks in between matches, we made our way to the carnival booths which were set up to raise funds for the KDF. The stalls were bustling with action and many people were at the game booths and food stalls, enjoying the delicious array of food available. To us, the most meaningful aspect of the carnival was the simple reassurance we felt after knowing that we would made a difference in someone’s life by giving to those in need.

Crescent Recollections 4


Watch what the Hockey Team, Batch of 1998-1999, has to say about their CCA.

Crescent Recollections 5

The Valentines
These ladies formed their own singing group, The Valentines, when they were in Crescent and till now, some of them still meet up and serenade together. Listen to what Crescent means to them.

Interesting Facts about Crescent 7

interesting_facts (1).jpg Mass Workout 1996 We used to have a mass workout in the morning in the past. Did you notice the shorts worn by the girls? In those days, the shorts were turquoise, not black as we have them now. Mass Workout.jpg

Interesting Facts about Crescent 8

interesting_facts (1).jpg
Graduation Party

Crescent started her first Sec 4 Graduation Party with a very humble celebration. Sec 4 students attended the ceremony, sitting on the cement floor of the school hall.

A simple buffet lunch was held at the canteen and some games were conducted at the field.

A simply party it might be, but it was a great time for the girls to mingle as a cohort before they moved on to the next stage of life to pursue their dreams!

Crescent Gives Back 10

Icon to be used for School Website - crescent_gives_back.png
Silver Infocomm Workshop - 3S3

Our class took part in the Silver Infocomm Workshop - a workshop that teaches senior citizens how to use the computer and surf the web. During the workshop, we were assigned to one or more seniors to assist them during the course in case they encountered any difficulties in using the computer. Though shy initially, we soon warmed up to them, having conversations with them as the seniors were friendly and approachable. It was an eye opening and meaningful experience as we learnt how to be more confident, and put across things in a clearer manner to the senior citizens.

Interesting Facts about Crescent 9

interesting_facts (1).jpg Some Past Events Did you know that in the past there were many interesting events held in the school such as the Lantern Festival, Drama Festival and Humanities Week in which the Crescentians participated with great enthusiasm?

Crescent Gives Back 11

Icon to be used for School Website - crescent_gives_back.pngCrescent Canoeing Team

Kid-in-a-Kayak is a Singapore Canoe Federation initiated weekly programme to allow children of primary school age to experience the fun of kayaking and develop an interest in the sport. The sessions are mostly game-like, and the children are guided by dedicated coaches who are both passionate about the sport and enjoy working with children. 

The Crescent Canoeing Team regularly volunteers to help out as assistant coaches to guide the children as well as to act as safety coaches. By volunteering in this programme, the Crescent Team has developed a greater appreciation of the sport, as well as made new friends from other schools. Those of us who attend more regularly have also fostered deeper relationships with the children and it is a joy to see them improve and grow to love the sport as much as we do.

We hope that the children in Kid-in-a-Kayak will go on to be developed in the sport as many of them have so much potential. Perhaps there will be National level paddlers who emerge from this batch now, and we will be proud to say that “I helped to nurture that paddler!” 

Crescent Gives Back 12

Icon to be used for School Website - crescent_gives_back.pngLibrary Club

The Library Club had our ViA project at the NLB Jurong Library by planning a story telling session and also introducing the work of local writers. We scanned through the books earnestly, deeply engrossed in our work to plan a story telling session. At the same time, we learnt what kind of books can appeal to the younger kids. The second task we had was to prepare book reviews about local writers to help introduce them to book lovers. We were also given the opportunity to help the library to foster the love of reading as well as book lovers in choosing their books. We then decorated the book reviews, laminated and proudly displayed them at the board in the Jurong Library Reading Corner. 

Here is one of the reviews we have prepared.jpg

Crescent Gives Back 13

Icon to be used for School Website - crescent_gives_back.pngSoftball Team

The Softball Team carried out our S-ViA on 14 June 2016 with the pleasure of hosting the Softball ‘C’ Division Carnival for Methodist Girls' School, Geylang Methodist School and Nan Hua High School. This event aimed at creating opportunities to foster new friendships and learning from one another. Clad in colourful red, blue and green uniforms, our softballers entered the diamonds to play the friendly matches. Many loud screams were heard as all teams supported their teammates, cheering them on. One of our Secondary One players scored a home run. We were all extremely proud of her as she was able to push herself to her fullest potential and hit a home run after only a mere 4 months of training. She was able to grasp the technique of softball, showing her passion for the sport and her hard work. We all had a fruitful experience, witnessing the many ups and downs but pushed ourselves to do better. The Secondary Three players were tasked to umpire the matches. We were thankful for the schools that participated in our carnival and were glad that the matches played were able to help us all improve on our skills in playing this wonderful sport. 

Well done, Softball Team!.jpg

Interesting Facts about Crescent 9

interesting_facts (1).jpgCross Country

Did you know that Crescent used to have its Cross Country at MacRitchie Reservoir?

Part of the running route was in the forested area where the terrain was undulating. Sometimes, the students were even confronted by monkeys along the track! 

Here are some shots from Cross Country 2000.

Interesting Facts about Crescent 10

interesting_facts (1).jpg Some Unique CCAs in the Past Did you know that Crescentians have always been actively involved in their CCAs? In the past, we had some very unique CCAs like the Guitar Ensemble, the Gardening Society and the Social Work Club!

Interesting Facts about Crescent 11 

interesting_facts (1).jpgSports Meet In the past, the Sports Meet was held at our own school field. Something you might not know is that the inter-house system first started in 1956 with 5 houses, just like the ones what we have today: Bronte, Fry, Keller, Curie and Pankhurst. In 1970, it was changed to the ½ inter-house and ½ inter-class system. In 1975, the inter-house system stopped completely. From 1975 to 1998, we had the inter-class system. It was then replaced by the inter-house system in 1999 that we continue to have till today. In those days, at the Sports Meet, besides the race on the track, we had other events too such as long jump, high jump, shot put, discus and even javelin!

Crescent Gives Back 14

Icon to be used for School Website - crescent_gives_back.pngCrescent Girls' School PE Department

Every year, the PE department participates in the MOE Olive Charity Run organised by the Ministry of Education Sports and Recreational Club (MESRC). The Run Segment has both competitive races (5km individual and team & 10km individual race) and the recreational 3km fun walk. The objective of the charity run is to promote and support healthy lifestyle among MOE staff and families. Previously, the charity run was held at East Coast Park but this year, the event site was changed to Gardens by the Bay, Bay East. As with all early flag-offs, we had to be there early to hydrate ourselves and to prepare for the run. It was a scenic route as it brought us past our Singapore skyline, Gardens By the Bay and the Marina Barrage. The light drizzle did not dampen our spirits and there were even young families spotted running with prams in the rain! Overall, it was an enjoyable and well-organised running event in which we all ran for a healthy cause. 

Crescent Gives Back 15

Icon to be used for School Website - crescent_gives_back.png3S1 - Saturday @ Lengkok

On the 9th and 23rd of April, our class carried out our VIA project at Saturday@Lengkok. We spent a meaningful afternoon with the elderly getting to know their stories, playing games like Bingo, and singing their favourite childhood songs to them. The highlight of our visit was going door-to-door to distribute food packets to those living in one-room rental flats. It was an eye-opening and emotional experience for us as we got to understand and see first-hand the lives of some of our less fortunate fellow Singaporeans. We are glad to have been able to make a small difference in their lives.

Crescent Gives Back 16

Icon to be used for School Website - crescent_gives_back.png4C2 - Willing Hearts

In April, we did our ViA at Willing Hearts where we helped in the preparation and packaging of food which would be sent to lower income families and the elderly. At the centre, we were assigned tasks such as chopping vegetables. It was interesting to be involved in the large production of food. Furthermore, it was a truly meaningful experience for the class since we got to see some of these people eating the meals which we helped to prepare. The experience enabled us to develop greater empathy for them as we heard their touching stories and felt inspired by the love and immense drive which motivates this organisation to serve the community.

CG60 Gala Dinner 

@ Pan Pacific Marina (1 Sept)

Crescent Gives Back 17

Icon to be used for School Website - crescent_gives_back.pngCrescent Track & Field ViA @ the Food Bank Singapore

On the 29th and 31st of August 2016, the Crescent Track and Field team visited the Food Bank Singapore as part of our Values-In-Action experience. The Food Bank Singapore is a registered charity that aims to address the issue of hunger in Singapore. As food prices continue to rise, many middle- to low-income families face problems paying for food as their wages may not be keeping up with food prices. The Food Bank Singapore collects unused or unwanted food which is then redistributed to needy families through a network of beneficiaries such as family service centres, various types of homes, soup kitchens and other voluntary welfare organisations (VWOs).

Over two afternoons, we helped to sort, pack and catalogue food that will eventually go to needy families in Singapore. Although the two sessions were short, we found the experience meaningful as we knew our efforts would directly contribute towards benefitting other families. We look forward to the next opportunity in making a positive contribution to our society.