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National Day Celebration 2016

This year Crescent Girls School celebrated National Day 2016 on Monday, 8th August with the theme, ““Building Our Singapore of Tomorrow”. The celebration commenced with the annual  marching in by the four contingents of four Uniformed Groups: NCC, NPCC, Guides and Red Cross. A solemn event, their march in with the national flag and school flag was accompanied by the music performed by the Symphonic Band and witnessed by all Crescentians as a mark of respect to the nation. This ceremonious display was followed by the recitation of the pledge and the message by our principal, Mrs Tan, highlighting the significance of racial harmony in Singapore. The morning assembly then ended off with our teacher, Mr Andrew Miranda, leading the school in the reading of the Recollections and a special performance of the ceremonial song “My People My Home” by our very own choir. Thereafter, Crescentian’s enjoyed an extended period of recess with food booths set up by the PSG which had a tasty array of food. This was followed by a short exercise routine of aerobics by the House Leaders.

The highlight of the celebration was the National Day Concert organised by the CrezAmbassadors. The concert kickstarted with the Symphonic Band playing the classic “Stars of Tomorrow” with the entire school cheering by the end of the performance. This was later followed by a special dance performance by our distinguished guests from Rainbow Centre, which got our Crescentians up on their feet and joining in the dance as well as requesting for an encore performance. The celebration continued with the various items performed by Crescentians such as the community singing and the music videos done up by the respective Secondary 4 classes, the fashion parade by the Secondary 3 classes, clay models by the Secondary 2 classes and the class decorations by the Secondary 1 classes. This provided each and every Crescentian with a part to play in making the celebration a meaningful and memorable one. Everyone enjoyed the community singing and the unique MTV videos, painstakingly prepared by the Secondary 4 classes which got the entire school singing and dancing to the beat. The Secondary 3s then showcased their representation of the national costume made from recycled materials, each bearing the identity of the various icons of Singapore, such as the Marina Bay Sands, the Merlion, HDB flats and MRT train. Their creativity and fashion runway showcase was indeed inspiring and entertaining! Not forgetting, the various clay models and classroom decorations designed by the Secondary 1s and 2s were able to bring forth the different perspectives our Crescentians have of Singapore as their home country.

The concert came to an end with everyone coming together to sing their favourite National Day song, “Home” and taking part in the school mass dance led by the PE Department and House Leaders. It was such a heartwarming sight to see everyone bonded together throughout the entire concert. Through song and dance, we were able to embrace our differences, be it  ethnicity, religion, level or class. We hope to see this passion and enthusiasm again next year.

Reported by Samyuktha (3C1)

Hockey National Championships 2016

Every team player in C Division had a common goal in mind. We had all wanted to wear the gold medal that will make our school proud. For that, we trained hard, no matter rain or shine; our eyes were set on the trophy. Our first match in the preliminary round was against St. Nicholas Girls’ School who proved to be a tough opponent and we lost to them 2-1. Although the score impacted us negatively, we saw it as a wake-up call. We picked ourselves up as we played against the other teams, using our first match as a motivation rather than a discouragement. We fought hard, and game after game we drew closer and closer to our aim. The momentum kept us focused and fuelled our hunger to win.

As we progressed to our semi-final match against St. Theresa’s Convent, I could vividly remember all of us running after every ball, taking every shot and giving it our all till the last whistle was blown. We defeated them and were jubilant. We made it to finals but we were back to where it all started; our opponent for the championship title was the team we had formerly lost to – St. Nicholas Girls’ School. However, it was different this time round. Each Crescent Hockey C Division girl had a spark of confidence in her chest. We believed that we were capable and we wished for history to not repeat itself.

However, our opponent proved to be unflinching. We fought with every ounce of energy in us and took multiple shots at the goal. They were all deflected. Yet, we did not give up and reminded ourselves of our goal in mind, of seeing how far we have come to be in this match. There were a number of set-backs during the game but we defended our goal and kept the score at 0-0, even after extra time.

We then proceeded to the Penalty Flicks where the only goal for the match was scored. We emerged as champions. Words could not describe the joy and relief of every CGS Hockey girl, and every CGS supporter then. Our shared vision and combined team effort had brought us the victory. The path to this moment was trying but, the biggest achievement was not emerging as champions. It was how each one of us believed in each one of us, and how we persevered through it all despite challenges, always egging one another to march towards our goal. It was these that made this C Division journey so memorable.

Reported by S Shaalini (2S1), C Division Hockey Player

Secondary Two Showcase 2016

The Secondary 2 Showcase, held on 12 August, is an event organized by the school to provide a platform for every Secondary 2 class to present to their parents various aspects of our school’s holistic curriculum. It is a meaningful way for us to showcase what we have been through to our parents, having actually experienced it themselves. It is a nostalgic event which also allows us to bond as one united Crescentian family.

For 2C2, the evening of 12 August 2016 was indeed a memorable one. The sea of students whose jerseys matched, emblazoned with the emblem, ‘2C2 Towards Infinity’ ensconced themselves on the floor around the parents’ seats. The two MCs, Valerie and Hanaa, chair-person and vice-chairperson of our class, then introduced themselves as the head agents of the ‘C2 Spy Organisation’. A detailed yet succinct video featuring the Principal’s message was then presented via the visualizer.

It was time for the next segment to take the limelight: ViA. A group of students gave an insightful walkthrough about what is done during ViA sessions, and the values we have assimilated, such as contributing back to the community meaningfully. Soon it was time for the students presenting on IC to take over. They elaborated on how this project provided us knowledge on how to think and work like an actual Non-Government Organisation and solve real-world problems that Singaporeans face. Hence, this is truly an essential project in allowing us to grow holistically.

After the group of 2C2 students together with Wan Ting from 2C1 presented on their participation in a national cyberwellness advocacy competition, it was finally time for the interlude… All was black. Slowly, the likeness of four electric candles came into view of the parents, teachers and students alike. I introduced the songs that we were about to sing. As I began singing the three songs, namely ‘Pueri Concinite’, ‘Bring me little water Silvy’ and ‘Cikala Le Pong Pong’, I was transported into a universe embellished with the magical aura of music. The lights slowly flickered on as our last notes were sung; the MPR, decorated with balloons and bedecked with masks from our CrezUnite Carnival booth, came into view.

After our performance, our parents were ushered to the back of the MPR for some light refreshments, after which they strode over to admire the well-decorated World café booths which displayed the different Co-Curricular groups in which we belonged to. After a short video that illustrated the events that took place in the course of the year, the next few presenters were ready to take center stage.

A group of five students elucidated their adventures overseas, as they presented on the Secondary Two Internationalization program, and how it was a great avenue for them to bond, as well as gain more knowledge about the situations in other countries, and appreciate others’ cultures and beliefs. Next, our class committee members stepped out to present on their roles in the class committee, as well as all the events that the class had participated in.

In order to end the night on a good note, the band gave an astounding performance, as they played two song showing off their remarkable talent. Their performance indeed set a beautiful equilibrium to that fun night. It was indeed an occasion that would leave an indelible mark on me, as well as the rest of my class.

Reported by Ranitra Shalini Nair D/O C N, (2C2)



E-learning is a unique 5-day programme in Crescent Girls’ School that takes place across three levels. The aim of e-learning is to ensure minimal disruptions to lessons in the event of an emergency school closure. E-learning ensures that Crescentians receive their daily lesson packages and are able to use a range of skills to communicate and learn.


Last year when all Singapore schools closed for a day due to the haze issue, all Crescentians were able to learn effectively using the learning packages prepared by the teachers of the various subjects that were uploaded onto Crescent’s Spectrum portal. There were set deadlines and specific instructions to follow in order to achieve the best learning experience. Everyone was learning, just like an ordinary day in school, only this time at home.


This year, Skype for Bussiness enhanced my learning experience as it provided opportunities for me to speak, present to the entire class and ask questions. I could even see our teacher through video-conference and engage in discussions within my group. It was as effective as a classroom lesson. My favourite tool from the synchronous lessons was the poll. Although simple, this tool was highly useful as we could express our opinions and thoughts about a certain issue with just one click. Whether it was an audio check or if it was about descriptive vocablary, this tool proved useful and very convenient for all situations. Using the poll, students could experience a learning package that is perfectly crafted and tailored to their needs.


I experienced a variety of ways of learning during my asynchronous lesson through Spectrum. I played games, did quizzes, watched videos etc. There were numerous ways I could learn which made learning highly enganging. E-learning is truly an effective program that is the first step towards innovative learning in the future. I am really glad to have had the opportunity to experience it.

Reported by Harinyvethaa Pandirajan (2S2)