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CrezChorale Concert: This is the Moment

On 11 April 2016, CrezChrorale hosted "This is the Moment" - a concert held at the Mrs Lee Choon Guan Concert Hall in Anglo Chinese School (Barker). It was a combined schools concert where we performed alongside Catholic Junior College Choir, Dunman Secondary School Choir and St. Joseph's Institution Vocal Ensemble. The concert was graced by our principal and vice-principal, Mrs Tan Chn Kee and Ms Priya Rajan respectively. 


Under the musical direction of our conductor, Mr Toh Ban Sheng, we performed four songs, all from different cultures and languages: Lauliku Lapsepõli, Music down in my soul, In Meeres Mitten and Haporas ni Silokkung. With Mr Toh's patient guidance and our consistent effort, we were able to grasp the intricate nuances for In Meeres Mitten, which proved to be quite difficult for many of our members. 


It was an eventful night as we faced many unforeseen circumstances, such as a power trip, just before we went on stage. This concert was truly a test of our perseverance and desire for excellence. Despite the obstacles, we gave the audience a performance they could enjoy. This concert has definitely shown us how to take things in our stride when faced with difficulties and to overcome them confidently. With the help of our very supportive teachers, Ms Azilah and Ms Teo, we were able to remain composed and perform to the best of our ability during the concert. 

Overall, "This is the Moment" was a memorable learning experience that we will use to push us to greater heights. 


Sharanya Krishnagopal (4C2)

Chloe Loh Shih Hui (4G3)

Science Mentorship Programme 2016

In the year 2015, two teams took part in the Science Mentorship Programme, which is a research programme organised annually by the Ministry of Education Gifted Education Branch. The aim of the Science Mentorship Programme is to provide students with an early exposure to research and lay a firm foundation for students who are interested in pursuing scientific research.

During this programme, the two teams, namely 15CrGS01 and 15CrGS02 carried out scientific research at different research institutes. 15CrGS01 worked together with their mentor from the Institute for Infocomm Research at A*STAR Singapore to create an optical buzz wire game with Fibre Bragg Grating. At the end of the project, the team members hope to exploit the optical buzz game as a physiotherapeutical tool to train motor coordination. On the other hand, 15CrGS02 conducted research at Republic Polytechnic to create a polymer nanocomposite.

The entire mentorship process spanned over a period of 9 months whereby we would spend four hours a week working tirelessly at the research institutes to carry out our research projects. In addition, we also spent two weeks of our June holidays carrying out full-time attachment at the research institutes. Having a strong passion in scientific research, we made full use of our time at the research institutes to research and experiment about our assigned projects. However, there were times when not all the members of team were present during the mentorship sessions due to our various commitments. As such, we have learnt about the value of team work and the importance of keeping a concise logbook in order to keep our entire team in the loop about the progress of the research.

Eventually, both teams reaped the fruits of their labour. 15CrGS02, comprising Catherine Ezhilvalavan, Htoo Pyae Pyae Aung and Yosephine Jessica clinched the Distinction award. 15CrGS01, comprising Tan Sze Ing, Li Wenxin and Aleena Madathiparambil Saju clinched both the Distinction award as well the 3M Young Scientist Award, which is awarded to the top three teams in this competition. Eventually, 15CrGS01 presented their project onstage during the Youth Science Conference held at the National University of Singapore on 19th September 2015.

In a nutshell, the Science Mentorship Programme was a golden opportunity for us to engage in scientific research and had broadened our horizons in Science. We also learnt the skills to write a research paper as well as the safety and ethical considerations involved in scientific research. The Science Mentorship Programme was indeed an enriching experience and eye-opener for all of us. It most definitely piqued our interests in Science even further and we are very thankful for the opportunity to take part in this programme.

Reported by: Tan Sze Ing (4S1)

Anti-drug Video Competition: Scooby Snacks

On the 10th of January 2016, AVA Club participated in an Anti-drug Video Competition Organised by Central Narcotics Bureau with the aim to remind our peers that drugs are addictive, hard to break away from and to inspire them to stay drug free. The theme of the competition this year is “Drugs are addictive. Don’t start because there is no escape.”

During the first week of planning, we came up with several story ideas to convey the message on the effects of drugs and how drugs can severely damage our lives. After finalising our storyline, we crafted a script to help us organise our ideas. The following week, we set out to film the video. We based most of the scenes at school so that students will be able to better understand the possible scenarios which may lead them to trying out drugs. Finally, on 28 January, we pieced together our film and edited it, adding in various types of transitions, special effects such as the “trippy” effect and adjusting different settings to make the video look better. Prior to that, we settled on “Scooby Snacks” as our title as it represents something highly addictive, similar to drugs.

From this video competition, we learned various filming skills and also that we should never try drugs as there will be no turning back. Our team emerged 3rd place in this competition. We would like to thank Mr Azely, Mr Kumanan, Ms Law, Mr Mak and Mr Mohan for guiding us throughout the competition.

To view our video production, please click on the link here!

Reported by Amirah Nurhuda Bte Abdul