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When one looks into a kaleidoscope, one sees patterns made by the reflection of the gems. Similarly, our teachers are like the different gems, each with their own unique speciality, hence the theme for this year’s Teachers’ Day Celebration.

 This year’s concert kick-started with excited cheers and roars from the Crescentians when the teachers from various departments walked into the hall with fancy props based on the different  gems. This was quickly followed by various performances by the students in appreciation of their teachers. Next, the Secondary 4 Student Councillors and House Leaders put up tear-jerking performances, dedicated to the teachers who have helped them along in their leadership journey while the Secondary 3 Dancers and vocal acts won the hearts of many with their unwavering enthusiasm and dedication. The awards ceremony lifted up the atmosphere when teachers were recognized for their unique talents.

 Finally, a video compilation of students who wanted to thank their teachers for their hard work and unfaltering love was shown. It brought across the fact that students do really appreciate everything teachers do for them and understand that being a teacher is not easy. This Teachers’ Day was certainly an amazing platform for students to express their gratitude towards their teachers and proved the fact that our Teachers are indeed like priceless gems.

Thank you teachers!!!

Reported by  Chua Ziyan  and  Srinidhi Ragavendran (2G1)

Yan Yuan Cup Competition

My enriching journey in Chinese Calligraphy started when I was 5 years old. This journey has deepened my interest in the Chinese culture and traditions. Over the years, I have taken part in numerous national competitions.

This year, I had the privilege of participating in several National Chinese Calligraphy Competitions. I was awarded first runner-up in the Yan Yuan Cup Competition, an international Chinese Calligraphy competition organised by Peking University in China in March. On 19 July 2015, I also took part in the 37th National Chinese Calligraphy On-The-Spot Competition organised by Braddell Heights Community Centre and attained 2nd runner-up in this competition. On 1 August 2015, I participated in the National Chinese Calligraphy On-The-Spot Competition organised by Hwi Yoh Community Centre and did the school proud by attaining 2nd runner-up once again. Through these competitions, I certainly gained much invaluable and meaningful experience.

I feel honoured to have represented Crescent for these competitions. It has been a fulfilling and enriching journey over my last 10 years since I first came into contact with Chinese Calligraphy and there has been no turning back since. My passion for Chinese Calligraphy will thrive and I will continue to do my very best to do Crescent proud and I hope to one day be able to contribute to Crescent by gathering like-minded Crescentians to keep the flame burning.


Reported by Pearlie Peh Zhi Qi  3C1

“MyStory” Chinese Speech Competition

On the 14th of August, I participated in the “MyStory” Chinese Speech Competition, organized by Singapore Noontalk Media. The competition consisted of the preliminary round and the finals. Students from different schools all over Singapore participated in the competition, ranging from Secondary 1 to JC2 and even Polytechnic students.

During the preliminary round on 24 July, participants were given only 90 seconds to deliver their speech with a set title “I”. It was a really challenging task as participants only had 90 seconds to deliver a speech that was within the time limit yet creative and interesting in order to captivate the judges and secure a place in the finals. For the finals, participants were given only 120 seconds, which is 2 minutes to deliver their speech. There were three rounds for the finals and participants were eliminated by half with each round, which made the finals even more pressurizing as these were the top 12 speakers among the over 50 participants. 

Even though I won only the Merit Award, it was truly a memorable and eye-opening experience. I was able to learn about my flaws from the judges’ comments and to improve in the areas where I had made mistakes. Throughout this experience, I came to truly understand this quote more  as well: “Eloquent speech is not from lip to ear, but from heart to heart.” by William Jennings Bryan. It was not a perfect speech, but I truly enjoyed myself. I am thankful for my friends and teachers who supported me in one way or another through this journey, from supporting me at the finals or encouraging me during the stressful period of preparation for the competition. 

Reported by Koh Li Shuen 3G1

Champion Seminar 2015

'Why do we fall sir? So that we can learn to pick ourselves up.' – Alfred Pennyworth in Batman Begins

Mrs Tan gave the opening speech for the Champion Seminar with the quote above from the movie Batman Begins. It was a quote which was meaningful in many ways, and one which all those present at the Champion Seminar must have experienced in order to have achieved the stellar results to be invited to the event.

This year, the guest of honour, Ms Luo Ying Ying, an ex-Crescentian and an accomplished hockey player, came to grace our event with our CGS of S.H.I.E.L.D. Directors, our Principals as well as several HODs. Ms Luo gave us some lessons in life through her speech and the CCAs of the year, Choir and Angklung, delivered powerful speeches worthy of TED talks. Together with the invited students who came as Agents of CGS S.H.I.E.L.D, we celebrated the various successes and achievements that our school had proudly attained this year.

Our Superheroes from the Marvel & DC world were having an Inter-Universe celebration when Loki crashed the party and mind-controlled our super guest, Superman! For two whole hours during the Champion Seminar, Agents from the various invited CCAs were given the mission to solve puzzles to defeat the evil forces and save the day together with the mighty heroes. Superman eventually regained his senses and together with the other heroes, defeated Loki.

It was a really super Champion Seminar made possible by all who attended so we hope to see you all again next year! 

'Agents have completed their duties, sir!' 

Reported by Boo Li Yee, 3S3 Keller House

“Dream, Believe, Create”

The Secondary 4 Farewell assembly marks the final day in the journey of Crescentians before they officially step down in preparation for their O Level Examinations. This year’s theme was “Dream, Believe, Create”.

Invited parents and teachers were also present during the event to celebrate this special day with the Secondary 4 students. The different classes walked in with pride together with their Form and Co-Form Teachers, receiving thunderous applause from the audience. Right after that, our own Principal, Mrs Tan was invited up to the stage to address the Secondary 4 seniors for the last time. One of the highlights of the event was the Video presentations specially and lovingly created by each of the secondary 4 classes, of their perspective of Crescent, together with messages and words of advice from their own Form and Co-Form Teachers. In recognition of their performance and achievements, tokens of appreciation and awards such as the Good Progress Award and MERIT awards were presented to the students.

Perhaps the most significant moment for the students during the whole event was the pinning of the collar pin led by our very own Principal, Mrs Tan. The Secondary 4 students pinned the collar pin by themselves, shedding tears as they embraced each other after that. It was a moment of realisation of the independence that was bestowed on them, the realisation that they were now on their own, paving their own path for themselves, unlike their very first week in school when their seniors pinned their school badge for them during the Secondary 1 Welcoming Ceremony four years ago.

Overall, the event was indeed an unforgettable episode for everyone present. It had also inspired the other Secondary 3 students, including me to strive harder and work towards being Ladies and Leaders of Tomorrow. On a final note, the whole school would like to wish the Secondary 4 cohort the very best for their O Level Examinations.

Reported by Nurul Rasyidah 3S2