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Remember the Past, Be the future – Secondary 4 Graduation Night

The day every Secondary 4 student had much anticipated finally arrived! The night was a refreshing experience after the grilling four weeks of O level examinations we all conquered.

Dressed in beautiful dresses and sharp suit and ties, Crescentians, teachers and members of the school staff and alumni made their way to the Orchard Hotel on 16 November. Everyone looked excited and joyous as they waited to enter the ballroom to celebrate. Crescentians took the opportunity to snap as many pictures as they could with their classmates and CCA buddies at the sparkling photo-booth.

The night began with a heartwarming welcome speech by our very own Principal, Mrs Tan Chen Kee. Each Crescentian listened attentively to the speech with memories flooding in of the very first speech Mrs Tan delivered at the beginning of the year. It was good to know that the time to finally let our hair down had come. After the speech, the 8 representatives of each class for the Miss Crescentian pageant competition strutted down the aisle with their form teachers. This was accompanied by the loud cheers from all the classes.

One of the main highlights of the night was the lucky draw. Many attractive prizes were won by the Crescentians. While all this was going on, the 7 course meal was also being served. All the girls and the staff indulged in the sumptuous dinner. While eating, the girls also took time to reminisce about their experiences as a Crescentian, share their plans for the upcoming holidays, and make promises of always keeping in contact with each other.

Finally it was time for the main part of the Miss Crescentian Pageant. Each girl was asked a question by the emcee about her experience as a Crescentian, what she had learnt and what she felt a Crescentian embodies. Each girl gave a heartfelt answer and generously shared her thoughts. Each answer was unique on its own.  Apart from that, the teachers also got to participate in the games, and the best dressed teacher was awarded to Mr Chan Xiao Yi. Crescentians also got to see their favorite teachers perform the classic Macarena dance for them, which everyone thoroughly enjoyed!

The pleasant night unfortunately had to come to an end. It was time for all the Crescentians to sing the school song for the last time together. Each Crescentian sang the song loudly and proudly as she remembered the first time ever singing it. The last line was sung even louder – “May Crescent remain in our hearts.” For this was true, Crescent will always remain in the hearts of all of us.

Having won the Miss Crescentian tittle, I feel proud that I was able to represent my beloved class, 4G3, for the last time. I also feel happy to have been given the opportunity to share my feelings of being a Crescentian .Presented with this title, I hope to always remember what I have learnt in Crescent and to embody the values a Crescentian forever.

 Reported by Aastha Hans (4G3)


The Crescent softball team held their annual camp on 25 and 26 November. In addition to forging stronger bonds among the members for a better team spirit, the camp was organised with the aim to identify potential leaders for the team in 2016.

We played games mostly consisting of obstacle courses, ball games with teamwork and communication. Throughout the camp, everyone learnt the importance of teamwork, communication skills, discipline, team spirit and different strategies to tackle the challenges that we faced while playing the different games. We did not give up despite our failure, but persevered, trying our best to overcome our challenges and emerge as better individuals, each contributing to the success of the team’s performance.

After the camp, we reflected on the various areas we had to work on such as, not being afraid to be flexible with the arrangement of the games since we encountered some challenges during the game. We also had to reduce the waiting time of those who were waiting for their turn to play the game by organising mini games to keep them engaged.

On the whole, we enjoyed the camp very much and it had a very positive impact on our team. Besides enabling us to develop great camaraderie among the teammates, it was relaxing allowing us to relieve our fatigue and stress from all our training for the upcoming nationals.

Reported by Eunice Ong (2G1), Alicia Chiow (2S2) and Suthar Prachi (2S2)

Spectrum 4.0

On 21 November 2015, Crescent Girls’ School Symphonic Band (CGSSB) presented Spectrum 4.0 in the school auditorium – a concert organised by the band to show appreciation to our parents, teachers and friends and everyone for all the support that they have given us through the years.

To kick-off the concert, the percussion section presented two percussion ensemble pieces, ‘Rock the Boat’ and ‘Jounetsu Tairiku’. After the spectacular performance that wowed the audience, the band presented ‘All About That Bass’ as a part of a band display. The Secondary 2s then performed ‘Disney Film Favorites’ followed by ‘Animation Medley’ proudly presented by the Secondary 3s. Next, the Big Band performed three well known pieces: ‘Oye Como Va’, ’Imagine’ by John Lennon arranged by John Berry and ‘In Summer’ from Frozen which captured the attention of the audience. After a brief intermission the band wowed the audience with another three songs: ‘Light-Hearted March’ by Yo Goto, ‘Seconds Out’ by Samuel R. Hazo and ‘Bruno Mars, The Greatest Hits’ arranged by Victor Lopez.

The final piece of the concert was the popular song from Despicable Me 2, ‘Happy’ by Pharrell Williams arranged by Ishbah Cox, presented by the Secondary 2s and 3s while the Secondary 1s presented a wondrous light display to the beat of the song. This piece and performance was thoroughly enjoyed by audience it was both an audio and visual serenade for them.  After the final piece, a moving video montage of the band members expressing their gratitude to their parents was screened. CGSSB members then presented a flower and a card to their parents in the audience as a form of appreciation, to thank them for their constant support and love.

Thanks to the never ending guidance and support from the conductors and teachers-in-charge, Spectrum 4.0 was indeed a memorable and successful event.

Many Footprints, One Singapore – Our Singapore

Many Footprints, One Singapore – Our Singapore was the theme of this year’s annual National i-Trail Challenge, held in conjunction with Singapore’s 50th Anniversary. Students from various schools created digital trails about Singapore and shared them with the public, with the intention of bringing together all that makes Singapore what it is today.

Although we did not take part in the competition, during the awards presentation ceremony held on 9 November, in which we were emcees, we could really feel the anticipation and excitement buzzing in the air. Once the results were announced, the students burst into uproarious cheers and it was really wonderful seeing the vibrant expressions of joy and pride on their faces as they witnessed all their efforts come to fruition.

This event really managed to engage our youth to explore the diversity of Singapore’s history while encouraging them to share their reflections, aspirations and memories with the public. It also made them see the importance of preserving the unity we have as a nation and empowered them to own the Singapore story and be proud of it.

We think that this is very important as it is only when we have pride in our past that we can begin to create a legacy for our future. This is all the more emphasized as we are encouraging our future generation to participate in this event. As we are the generation that would take over and lead the nation in a few years’ time, it is very crucial that we do not take our safety and how our nation is for granted, but to seek other ways to improve what we have now. This will ensure the future generation will take pride in the deep culture we have and do the same.

Overall, it was a wonderful experience to see and experience the culmination of such an event and we hope that this event will be organized on an even larger scale in the years to come!

Reported by Ting Hou Yee and Jolene Gan (2G2)

Prelude to Advent

CrezChorale recently performed in ‘Prelude to Advent’, our annual combined schools' Christmas concert held at the School of the Arts (SOTA) on 23rd November 2015. We performed alongside Amoris Singers, Dunman Secondary School Choir and St. Joseph's Institution Vocal Ensemble.

The Choir was excited to perform in front of our loved ones as many of us had been working very hard for this concert. Our repertoire consisted of a Latin renaissance piece, Pueri Concinite; a Roman Catholic hymn in Latin, O Sanctissima; and a Haitian Creole piece, Koudjay. This year’s concert was made even more memorable as the finale was a sing-along with the audience. The audience was extremely participative and sang along to the familiar Christmas carols such as ‘Deck the Halls’ and ‘We Wish You a Merry Christmas’. It was truly magical hearing our voices bounce off the walls in the SOTA hall together. The night closed off on a high note with everyone dancing along to ‘Jingle Bell Rock’.

However, meeting challenges along the way was inevitable. The hazy weather and the ongoing ‘O’ level exams proved to be a challenge as we could not find suitable locations for our practices. Along with this, there were communication problems amongst some of the members in our team. However, with great determination and lots of positive thinking, we overcame the obstacles. This concert has been a great learning experience for us all.

Despite the challenges we faced along the way, we were glad that CrezChorale managed to put up a good performance and gave our best for the concert. We are definitely capable of achieving an even higher standard than what we have shown this time round. We will continue to work hard and strive for excellence in our upcoming performances.

Reported by: Chloe Loh Shih Hui (3G3);  Sharanya Krishnagopal (3C2)