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“Ignite: Many Sparks, A Single Flame.”

“Ignite: Many Sparks, A Single Flame.” That was the theme for Crescent Girls’ School Second Student Leaders' Investiture 2015. On 30th June 2015, many flames from the various leadership groups came bursting with life, uniting as a bigger, stronger, single flame.

From the colourful House Leaders, to the majestic Peer Leaders, amazing CrezAmbassadors and smart-looking Student Councillors, everyone was filled with excitement. Proud parents of the student leaders came to witness this event too. The atmosphere in the hall was filled with enthusiasm, passion and happiness. When the emcees took over, the audience were filled with anticipation for what came next. Although we faced several hiccups that posed as tough challenges, we pushed on, and thanks to all the student leaders’ resourcefulness, everything went smoothly.

The first group that came out strutting down the walkway and bowed elegantly to the audience was the class chairpersons and vice-chairpersons. As each of the classes was called out, the applause became louder and louder, and the cheering echoed around the auditorium.

Following that, the Co-Curricular Activities’ Leaders sashayed down the walkway. The various CCAs brought along their props and wowed the audience with their skills before bowing to the audience.

During the Secondary four handover to the next batch of leaders, the Secondary two Student Leaders were officially promoted as junior student leaders after their seniors pinned the badges onto their blouses. Next, each of the names of the existing and incoming Executive Committee were read amid screams of encouragement and thunderous applause from the audience, showing clearly the Crescent spirit of always cheering others on.

When the Secondary four leaders each came onstage to receive their Certificates of Appreciation recognising their hard work they put in as a leader for 4 years, it brought tears to our eyes as they would be officially stepping down. They had provided guidance and helped us overcome various challenges. All the leadership groups looked solemn as they saw their very own Secondary four leaders, their role models when they first stepped in, their mentors and friends, take their certificate and bow on stage. It finally hit us that they were leaving. I could imagine the sense of pride felt by all Crescentians at what they accomplished and we silently promised ourselves to work hard to follow in their footsteps and continue to build on the legacy they had created with their commitment.

The inspiring speeches by our 2014/2015 and 2015/2016 Student Council Presidents, as well as the Guest-Of-Honour left us in awe of their wise words.  We will definitely remember them throughout our leadership journey. Reciting the Student Leader’s Creed sealed a promise to our dedication towards leading the student body and serving the school.

The final event was the performance by the Secondary three Executive Committee of each leadership group which brought smiles and laughter to the audience. This dance was their way of showing that it was their time to continue bringing glory and honour to Crescent, and strive towards excellence.

Admiring our new Student Leader badges brings us back to think about Crescent Girls’ School Vision, “To be a premier school with a nurturing and innovative environment that prepares students to be ladies and leaders of tomorrow.”  This has always served as a motivation to us, something that we would strive for with the aid of all the dedicated staff of the school. On the day of the Student Leaders’ Investiture 2015, we are one step deeper into this vision a reality as we strive to be ladies and leaders of tomorrow.

Literature UK Trip

On 31st May, our group opened doors to the beginning of a brand new odyssey. The euphoria in the air was evident as we sat restless in our seats on the plane, staring out the windows to Manchester’s bucolic scenery of bright emerald fields and vast cerulean skies.

A memorable stop: Raglan Castle in Wales, left us in awe at the history of its wrecked foundations and towering walls. We ventured the labyrinthine castle, pausing occasionally to lie on the lush grass or step on higher ground to view the boundless greenery before us.

The evocative words of Jacob Sam-La Rose haunted us for hours as he taught us to only write whatever you feel most passionate about, and that there is immense power in raw human emotion. He ingrained in us that it was not what others thought, but what we felt deep inside that empowered us to do incredible things.

In London, our jovial, melodramatic tour guide introduced the famed attractions, attractions we previously only ever saw in our dreams. We passed London Bridge and took photographs of the aureate Big Ben.

This trip had been a spiral of histrionic performances, voyages around rustic towns, animated conversations with new people and unending inspiration from some of the world’s greatest writers. The literature trip served to expand our horizons and deepen our passion for literature. The United Kingdom was magical and it ingrained in us the belief that “words and ideas can change the world”.

 Reported by Takahashi Reena

Humanities Trip to Japan

Though commonly known as the land of the rising sun, it was instead our sleepy group of 22 Sec 3 Crescentians and teachers who rose at the break of dawn to begin their journey exploring the unknown in Japan. The trip lasted over a period of 5 days with visits to locations such as the scenic Shirahama Beach, the Kobe Earthquake Museum, the Hiroshima Memorial Museum and Osaka, one of the most frequented cities in Japan.

Being Geography and History students, we visited the Shirahama Beach to do a coastal study, the Kobe Earthquake Museum to learn about tectonic hazards and Osaka to study tourism. It was a great experience applying what we learnt in class to practical use.  In the heart of Osaka’s Shinsaibashi, a popular shopping belt which tourists will stop by, we did a land-use survey and traffic count to analyse the development of the area which led to it becoming a tourist spot. We also visited the Hiroshima Memorial Museum and Ground Zero where the atomic bomb dropped by the Americans had exploded. We investigated the impact of the war on the people there and learnt about how it had affected the people’s view of World War Two in Japan. It was an eye-opening experience as we saw History come to life whilst learning about the Japanese perspectives of World War II. It was a fruitful trip and definitely enriched us and inspired us to continue pursuing our interests in the two humanities we have slowly but surely come to love and enjoy.

 Reported by Neo Pei En Phedra, (3C2);  Emily Tan Peiqi, (3G3)