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Building My Singapore

In the spirit of celebrating Singapore’s 50th anniversary, students nationwide received a lego set. We got ours on Tuesday 7 July. Our task… to build a Singapore we hope to see in the future, specifically in the areas of transport, housing and recreation.

When the boxes arrived, the excited students made a beeline towards the teachers’ tables, extremely eager to lay their hands on their lego sets.

Uncovering the contents of their boxes with wild frenzy, they found miniature blocks of different shapes and sizes, ready to be assembled. Students were encouraged to express their creativity and create lego structures, suggesting what improvements could be made to Singapore’s current infrastructure.

Finally, after half an hour, their final products of their creativity were placed on their tables. Some lego creations earned the praise of their teachers and peers.

Our nation state has been established upon modest yet stable foundations, such as the harmonious coexistence among the different races, much like how students’ lego structures are built using blocks of various shapes, but on firm ground.

Indeed the lego blocks were not only a commemorative gift, but also a lesson on the importance of Singapore’s strong foundations. 

Reported by Mandy Choy (4G3)

Racial Harmony Day 2015 @ CGS

21st July marked the day when the school auditorium of Crescent Girls' burst with colour as Crescentians clad in ethnic costumes of various races displayed the diverse yet united cultures of Singapore.

This year, Crescentians were exposed to various traditional games as interactive and engaging games booths were set up in front of each classroom. The traditional game showcased a variety of games -  chapteh and five stones to more interesting games such as pick up sticks and fortune-telling booths. 

A special plus was when students were given the opportunity to meet other schoolmates to take photos with them freely before lessons commenced.

Racial harmony day was also a day for classes to bond as one family regardless of ethnic backgrounds as shown by a very special collage of photographs put together by each class for display on their notice boards.

As a Crescentian myself, I felt amazed at how although we, as the youth of today, embrace change and support innovations in our lives to achieve a bright future ahead of us, we  are still, in many ways, deeply rooted to our past

Reported by Lakshmi Suresh (4G3)

SG50 Cupcakes with Love

This community-organized event, has given us lots of fond memories and an opportunity to give back to society. For this year’s SG50 Cupcake for Love event, 13 of us baked about 200 Chinese muffins, also known as ‘Huat Kueh’ to serve to the elderly, our pioneer generation, who attended the SG50 Tanglin-Carnhill Carnival.

We arrived at Henderson Community Club early in the morning to prepare and steam the muffins. After the process of baking was done, we packed the muffins into individual boxes, each sealed with the SG50 sticker. We then headed down to the carnival and distributed these muffins to the elderly. It put smiles on our faces just to witness how happy the elderly were to receive a simple gift made with love by us.

This event has brought us, Secondary 2 students from various classes in Crescent Girls’ School together as one Crescentian family as we worked together and helped one another to fulfill our task. This opportunity also enabled us to be part of Singapore’s Jubilee celebration and do our part in serving our pioneers who have worked hard in contributing to the development of Singapore today. We are thankful for this opportunity given to us.

Reported by: Merlyn Khoo, Shyan Chew and Jesmin D/O Raja (2G1)

Sec 3S3 S-Via Project ‘Blast from the Past’

To celebrate Singapore’s 50 years of nation building and to express our gratitude to the pioneer generation, we, students of 3S3, collaborated with Henderson Community Club to plan the Tanglin-Cairnhill Carnival. It was also our S-ViA (Values-in-Action) project for the year where we contribute meaningfully back to society through the learning and application of values, knowledge and skills. The theme of the carnival was “A Blast from the Past”, organised with the aim to enable the residents to enjoy playing traditional Singaporean games as well as to taste traditional dishes.

To prepare for the carnival, we were split into groups of eight to plan the layout of our game booths as well as to decide on how we wanted to decorate them. Each group then came up with a traditional game to carry out that would celebrate our unique Kampong spirit and communal bonding found in our multi-racial and multi-cultural community. Some of the game booths that we set up included Bamboo Poles, Ring Toss, Target Shoot, Marbles and Five Stones.

On the 18th of July 2015, we made our way to the venue to decorate and set up our game stalls. Soon after, over 800 eager residents made their way to the designated venue, excited to engage in the various activities planned for them. After trying out the traditional food and playing the games that we had prepared for them, we presented the pioneers with the traditional ‘Huat Kueh’ that the Secondary 2 students specially made to express our gratitude towards them. Everyone who attended the carnival enjoyed themselves tremendously, even Senior Minister of State for Law and Education, Ms Indranee Rajah. This carnival served as a great opportunity for youth and pioneers to come together and reflect on the past 50 years of progress. As a class, we definitely had a great time bonding with our pioneers as well as our peers.

By Geetha Govindaraju and Roopa Niedu, 3S3