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Crescent Girls' School SG50 Project 

MOE SG50 Logo.jpgAs Singapore marks 50 years of independence this year, we would like to take this opportunity to organise various activities to remind ourselves to appreciate the peace, harmony and progress that we get to enjoy today. Without the contributions made by our Pioneer Leaders such as the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew and the Pioneer Generation, we would not be where we are now.  

To remember their contributions and honour their spirit, we have carried out the following events at Crescent.

(c)        CrezCarnival

Like how the Pioneer Generation dedicated their lives to build Singapore, we wanted to contribute back to Singapore by raising funds through CrezCarnival for those who are less fortunate in our midst. All the proceeds from the carnival went to Singapore Children’s Cancer Foundation to support their efforts to improve the quality of life of children with cancer and their families.

(d)        Cross-Country and CrezAwards

A platform for us to showcase our physical prowess and aesthetic talent, both Cross-Country and CrezAwards aimed to promote the notion that we should strive for excellence in whatever we do.

Here are what some Crescentians have to say about the activities held during CrezUnite Week:

Mass Picnic binds us together as a Crescentian family. Family connotes love regardless of differences and tightens the bond among us. Through CrezCarnival, we get to extend care to our brothers and sisters who may not be as fortunate. In Cross-Country and CrezAwards, we may not see beyond the fun in these events but think of those training for competitive run, or practising for their performance. A mindset of excellence is their driving force and that is what we should possess. So as we laugh and celebrate CrezUnite Week, let us also remember Mr Lee – the founding father who shaped Singapore and worked tirelessly with excellence in mind. Let us truly come together, care for each other and strive for a better Singapore – it is the least we can do for Mr Lee, who always wanted the best for Singapore.

Jolene Gan (2G2)

 Throughout CrezUnite week, we took part in different activities and remembered our late founding Prime Minister. As part of the younger generation, we never got to experience the hard life our pioneer generation went through. However, we are living happily and safely because of the sacrifices made by our Founding Father and the Pioneer Leaders. Through the activities, we got to reflect on the importance of family, the need to give back to society and the role of excellence in our lives. In a nutshell, we had a taste of what Mr Lee Kuan Yew believed in and had a chance to remember him and the legacy he has left behind.

S Darshana (3S3)

 Our mass picnic saw classes of Crescentians huddling in the school hall or ISH, sharing the food they brought with them. Crescentians made sure each had enough to eat and drink, and merry conversation and laughter served as background noise. The scene was not too far off from a scene of a family eating together, the way hands reached to pass around dishes, fruits, or drinks and seeing the way they interacted, not just with their own classmates but also friends who are from another class that they may not see as often. In a way our mass picnic was like a family reunion. As we celebrate SG50 and honour the contributions of the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew, we must remember the importance of family. Family is there with you through hard times and good times. They pick you up when you fall and encourage you to be your best. The Crescentian family is like a constellation; we are all connected through our memories in Crescent, no matter where we may end up and you can always count on the Crescentian family to make you feel like you’re home.

Wan Nabilah (4G1)

CrezUnite Week

Theme: Stars and Crescent: Building Hopes and Dreams Together

Every Crescentian is a star and has her own hopes, dreams and aspirations. However, we all come together to achieve this common goal as one family, one Singapore. We may go through difficulties along the way but we know that our friends and teachers would pick us up just like a guiding star and walk down this journey with us together. Each step we take will bring us closer to our hopes and dreams, but even as we leave one day, the Stars and Crescent will always be together, just like our nation’s flag.

(a)        Be-Yourself Day

Be Yourself Day Runway_Hui Yi(15) - v2.jpgChildhood Memories: A Blast from the Past

The theme was chosen as a way for students and teachers to look back, reminisce and appreciate the past, as we celebrate SG50. It served as a reminder to us that we owe our pleasant and memorable childhood memories to the sacrifices made by our Pioneer Leaders and Generation.

(b)        Mass Picnic

This activity aimed to provide a platform for the whole school to bond together as one big family. Through activities like this, we hope to create a nurturing and supportive environment for all of us to call Crescent our home. This is in line with what the late Mr Lee firmly believed in: to have a close-knit family. All of us have a part to play to make this happen.


It was a charity walk-a-thon initiated by three former Crescentians to give back to the community. Held on 23 May 2015 at Jurong Lake Park, the event aimed to raise funds for the Children's Cancer Foundation (CCF) and to encourage all Crescentians to come forward to do their part as the future generation of Singapore in celebration of SG50.

P5239532 - v2.jpg

Speech Day - Pioneer Voices: Cherish Today, Challenge Tomorrow

IMG_0312 v2.jpgThe day when we celebrated the academic and co-curricular achievements of Crescentians, Speech Day 2015 was also the day when we paid tribute to the Pioneers of Crescent Girls School, consisting of former principals, members of the teaching staff and people who have contributed significantly to the development of CGS into what it is today.  This year's theme, "Cherish Today, Challenge Tomorrow", emphasised the importance of showing our thankfulness to the pioneers. It also served as a reminder to us not take these things for granted. We need to constantly challenge ourselves with every obstacle faced, like what our pioneers did, remembering that every obstacle is an opportunity to better ourselves.