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Crezawards 2015

CrezAwards. Just that one word inspires so many memories and brings us happiness.

This year’s theme was “Tangled Tales”. The event began with Ah Girl and Ah Ma talking about a magical book of fairytales. However, something was not quite right. It turned out that all the fairytales were tangled up! Little Red Riding Hood faces the Evil Witch, the mastermind behind the chaos. It was up to Little Red to find the missing items and return them to the princesses - Aurora, Elsa and Snow White - to help them live their Happily Ever Afters. 


Plot twists on every page led the audience through the strange, twisted tales. Elsa pricked her finger on Aurora’s spindle and fell into an eternal sleep? Snow White had freezing powers from Elsa? Aurora ate Snow White’s poisoned apple? What was the mysterious truth behind this mess? 


Snow White’s quiet nature, Little Red’s impatient yet enthusiastic spirit, Aurora’s violent actions and Elsa’s powerful energy sent the crowd laughing throughout the event. 


There was a wide range of performances that entertained and ‘wowed’ the audience throughout the night. From the passionate dances by the dance teams to the emotional songs performed by singers like Chloe and Rash, all the performers displayed a spectacular amount of talent through their various acts. Indeed, the judges had a hard time deciding on the winners as everyone performed extremely well. 


The winner of the dance category eventually went to The Bomb Squad, while Chloe and Rash topped the vocal category! Last but not least, in the vocal with instrumental category, we had Leonardi and Celestine coming in first place!


In addition to all the mindblowing performances, we also had the honour of having the Hubbabubbas, a local 3 membered semi-acoustic band, as our guest performers. They sang popular hits like “Blank Space”, “Uptown Funk” and “Counting Stars” which made the audience scream encore repeatedly.  


The evening ended with the audience joining the emcees and performers in our school’s very own Mass Dance to the song “DJ got us falling in love”. It was a fantastic way to conclude the event as it showed the strong bonds we had as one Crescentian family.  


It was an amazing experience and nothing could ever replace that. We look forward to attending Creswards 2016!

Crescent Cross Country 

Crescent Girls School’s biennial Cross Country was held on the last day of Crezunite Week, on 2 April, 2015, at Bishan - Ang Mo Kio Park. As early as 6am, student helpers reported at the venue to set up, ensuring that everything was in place before the event started. Soon, students and parents started to stream in. As the House leaders directed students to sit accordingly, competitors reported to the collection booth where they received their number tags.

At around eight thirty, the stentorian bellow of the race starter horn sounded, signalling the flag off of the Sec 4 race by guest-of-honour and Chairperson of the Parents’ Support Group, Mdm Fadilah Alkaff. Subsequently, the races for the other levels and the Staff, Alumni and Parents’ race were also flagged off by our principal.  

Meanwhile, the fun runners were engaged by the House mascots and they cheered and showed their spirit and unity, undoubtedly awakening some sleeping residents in the nearby estate! They also had the opportunity to take photos with running-themed props made especially for the event. The students, wearing their vibrant and vivid coloured House shirts, turned the park into a beautiful five-coloured river as they jogged or brisk walked. The Secondary Two House leaders ran alongside the crowd with their mascot and the flag, encouraging students to push on under the parching weather. Upon completion of the race, students headed over to the refreshment booth where grapes, bananas and drinks greeted them.

At the end of the races, the entire school assembled in front of the announcers’ tent, braving the scorching hot sun that was beating down on them mercilessly. It was the moment that everyone was waiting for, the announcement of the winners for the various contests! Fry claimed victory for the mascot contest, while Pankhurst triumphed in the flag contest. Overall, Curie House reigned supreme as they did two years ago, chalking up the most points and taking home the House Champion cup!

It was certainly a memorable day for everyone who attended, and every Crescentian, whether a competitive runner or not, went home with a cute badge bearing their House mascot as well as another with all five mascots together in one. Everyone’s a winner when they attend school events and display the Crescent spirit!

Reported by: Takahashi Reena (Curie Publicity Director)

SMU Youth Innovation Challenge

Recently, two teams from the Innovation & Enterprise Club, namely CrezInnov and Team Alpha, took part in the Youth Innovation Challenge organised by the Singapore Management University. The competition served as a platform for budding entrepreneurs to showcase their ideas. Participants could showcase a new product, service, social enterprise or a start-up business and come up with a proposal about it.

We attended a training session in November 2014, where we were split into rooms for instructors to present to us the information needed to write the proposal. Then, we were given about 4 months to draft our proposal. Results were then posted to the team leaders about 3 weeks later if we got into the semi-finals.

During the March holidays all the semi-finalists had to attend a workshop to meet up with a mentor to refine our proposal. Each team had to create a business presentation to present to a panel of judges, explaining their business idea.

CrezInnov, consisting of Megan Soon, Guai Lee Sin, Merlyn Khoo (2G1) and Zhu Jiayi (2S1), came up with the idea of a mobile application catering to people with healthcare needs while the Team Alpha, consisting of Tan Sze Ing (3S1), Elise Teo (3C2) and Nicole Ang (3S3), came up with the idea of a wristband benefiting dementia patients and the elderly.

After the presentation, comments were given by different industry mentors to further improve our presentation. The next day, the 6 finalists were announced to all the teams gathered at the Singapore Management University Administration building. We were then given time to prepare for the final presentation to the rest of the groups and a new panel of judges. Harsh but constructive criticism and challenging questions were given to each group. Eventually, the results were announced and the winning teams were presented with a trophy.

Despite the many challenges faced, team Alpha managed to emerge Second Runner Up, winning for themselves a trophy and S$1000 cash.  Through this competition, we have gained a lot of useful knowledge and experience, with the help and support of our teacher-in-charge, Ms Caroline Chan. Lastly, we would also like to acknowledge the effort put in by CrezInnov and congratulate them for getting into the finals as well.

Reported by: Tan Sze Ing, Elise Teo & Nicole Ang (Innovation & Enterprise Club)

Gardens By The Bay

As we sat in the buggy, Dr Adrian Loo began introducing Gardens by The Bay, how ecology has evolved drastically to the extent that urban ecology exists. We were thoroughly enlightened as we stared out at the attractions in awe.

We were all here under the scorching sun for a science research project, with Ms Ou Yang, our mentor teacher in science club. How thrilled we were! We were unsure about a topic to research on at first, but all thanks to Dr Loo, we got some inspirations and broadened our horizons to the beautiful world around us.

He introduced collection of data in transections so as to ensure the experiment was carried out fairly. Transections can vary in distance, however the speed walking along a constant transection must correspond. Dr Loo enlightened us on the types of birds and how various species live in an area. Since we lacked experience, this was the first time our minds were broadened to view birds from a different perspective, that not all birds were crows or pigeons. We learnt to spot birds using methods such as observing movements and tracing the sound of chirping.

Through Dr Loo’s explanations, we gained a better idea of formulating questions. With our curiosity piqued, we posed countless questions and noted down important learning points.

Afterwards, Dr Loo took us to areas where plants grew vastly. We learnt how each type of plant has its own unique adaptation mechanism. Plants, such as the Cactus plants in the Sun Pavilion that were imported overseas, were able to adapt to a different environment. Sap is very useful to our daily lives but little did we know how equally useful it is for plants. Sap acts as a liquid to deter predators from eating them. Having such adaptation would ensure the plant’s survival and sustainability.

Lastly, Dr Loo took us to an area where insects were prevalent. We observed how different butterflies pollinate particular flowers, how caterpillars have special features to deter predators and the different stages of a ladybird’s life cycle.

Overall, this experience allowed us to widen our scope on nature, not to simply admire nature around us, but to also question ourselves what makes the nature around us this unique.



International Friendship Day 2015

International Friendship Day, held on Tuesday, 7 April, was celebrated with relatively little fanfare. Despite this, it had definitely carved deep impressions on Crescentians.

On that Tuesday afternoon, CCE teachers taught students the significance of International Friendship Day and how globalised friendships had been deeply embedded into our lives. Crescentians of different nationalities were brought forward to share their respectively unique cultures and suggested ways to promote them in local heartland. Lakshmi, a permanent resident hailing from Chennai, India, said, "International friendship is very special to me as it shows that people can come together despite their cultural differences and make a positive impact on the world. It has also played an important role in my life as most of my friends are from different races and international friendship is important to ensure that we are all able to get along together well”.

For Tuesday’s assembly programme, an Armenian percussion band called One Heartbeat  gave Crescentians an education on the historical roots and traits of Latin music. Their performance proved that musical instruments, rhythm and addictive beats could get a group of people to sway in unison.

To conclude, IFD events, though simple yet strongly emphasised how people could come together, embracing their differences and possessing a common interest. We, as Crescentians, are indeed glad to have experienced the true meaning of ‘friendship’.

Reported by: Mandy Choy 4G3


Crescent Girls’ School Symphonic Band (CGSSB) was invited back for its fifth Limelight Concert at the Esplanade Concert Hall this year. With only a few months to prepare, CGSSB wowed the audiences on the evening of 8th April 2015 with their rendition of pieces like The Lion King, Pirates of the Caribbean and How to Train Your Dragon. The audience were left mesmerized by the wonderful performance, complete with hand-made props and spectacular lighting. Under the baton of its conductors – founder Mr Lee Seck Chiang, Mdm Tan Soh Hwa and Mr Chua Tiong Hong - the band definitely made it a night to remember. CGSSB would like to specially thank its conductors as well as its teachers-in-charge - Mdm Norzaidah Suparman, Ms Azilah Bte Wahid, Ms Nur Rafiqqa Bte Mustapha and Mr Sambandam Mohan. The band will continue to strive for excellence and bring glory to the school.

 One Band. One Sound. Crescent!

Ngee Ann Polytechnic Math Challenge

Over 30 students from Crescent Girls’ School participated in the annual Ngee Ann Polytechnic Math Challenge, where our Math knowledge and skills were put to the test. Once we stepped foot onto the campus, we were greeted with enthusiastic cheers from the polytechnic students in the engineering course. Unsure of what to expect, we had open minds, hearts and calculators on the ready as the Math Challenge began with a standard Math quiz. However, this wasn’t any ordinary Math quiz as it had a plot; we were stuck in the computer lab with no way out other than to answer as many questions on the quiz correctly. The quiz was 30 minutes long. We were already growing tired after the head-cracking test but it was only the beginning.

Split into 4 groups, each group was assigned to different stations where we were faced with different challenges with riveting ways in which we had to apply mathematical formulae and concepts. One such activity was the glow-in-the-dark challenge where we were tasked to calculate a common time in which ‘lasers’ would be switched off so that the group would get the opportunity to run across the room and escape. After figuring out the timing, it was input into the system where motion sensors were switch off for a period of 10 seconds in which the team would have to run across to exit the room. These challenges are linked by an overriding plot where we had to defeat an evil robot and foil its attempts to take over the school. Through such interesting challenges, we got to see and experience the different ways in which Math can be integrated for engaging and entertaining purposes. Our passion for Math grew as we went through such creative and interesting challenges, mixing Math with adventure and mystery.

The teams managed to emerge overall champions based on the quiz and challenges done, continuing the legacy of the seniors before us. This was truly an enriching experience as we got to experience Math in ways we never thought possible. We look forward to participating again next year!

Reported by: Aluqin Dominique Suratos (4S1)

Speech Day 2015

Speech Day 2015 was particularly significant for two reasons. Firstly it was the day set aside to celebrate the academic and co-curricular achievements of Crescentians from the 2014 cohort. It was special also because it was the day where the school paid tribute to the Pioneers of Crescent Girls School, a very special group of people comprising former principals, members of the teaching staff and people who have contributed significantly to the development of CGS into what it is today.  Among our honoured guests were one of our former principals and former band conductor, Mrs Ng and Mr Lee Seck Chiang respectively.

This year's theme, "Cherish Today, Challenge Tomorrow" clearly articulated the importance of showing gratitude to the pioneers who had sacrificed so much for us, and to serve as a reminder to us not take these things for granted. We need to constantly challenge ourselves with every obstacle faced, like what our pioneers did, remembering that every obstacle is an opportunity to the attainment of greater achievements.

Our principal, Mrs Tan Chen Kee, delivered the school report that detailed the achievements of the Crescentians in the GCE O' level examinations in 2014 which did the school proud. One highlight of Mrs Tan’s report was a video presentation which featured our founding Prime Minister, Mr Lee Kuan Yew and Pioneers of Crescent Girls’ School.

The audience was also treated to a spectacular performance by the CGS Symphonic band. Not to be outdone was the Angklung Ensemble, which delivered an equally captivating performance. Both performing arts groups attained a Distinction in the recent SYF Arts Presentation. 

All good things must come to an end. As we watched the last of the students make her way to the canteen to partake of the refreshments, a feeling of pride washed over us. We look forward in anticipation to next year where it will be our turn to ascend the stage to receive our medals and feel the pride felt by every single Crescentian today.

 Reported by: Ting Hou Yee (2G2) and Razeena Sahrin (3S1)