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Secondary Two Showcase 2014

Our class’ Secondary 2 show case is definitely a milestone in our 2 years in Crescent. With all the hard work and effort poured in, this event was enjoyable to host.

Our chosen theme was “Waves of opportunities, Oceans of success”. Following the choice of our theme, we crafted our entire showcase around the idea of a Cruise Ship to focus on the idea of how rough obstacles would eventually flow into endless possibilities and successes. A large tribute to our success goes to our class chair and vice chair, whose efforts and dedication made this possible.

Most of our decorations were hand-made, moulded from discarded items brought from home. Cardboard boxes and cans of spray paint littered the floor at the back of the classroom and with the help of our more “artistically inclined” aesthetics representatives, we turned crushed cardboard boxes into elegant palm trees. We even made a small pirate ship to complement our cruise ship, fully exploring our theme.

I felt that even though we had a bumpy start, our dedication and teamwork helped us stay afloat. In our assigned groups, we all helped to design our PowerPoint slides and scripts, staying close enough to the theme to remain relevant while straying far enough to incorporate humour and plot, making our showcase fun and entertaining for the parents.

In the World Café exhibit which we hosted during the short break, we had the parents walk around, reading through the boards. Every board was a story, filled with happy memories. As the parents browsed through the boards, I felt that they, too, were experiencing these unforgettable moments. It was with great pride that 2C3 presented the Showcase, using our creative, fun-loving side to our advantage as we cracked jokes and relived moments to give our parents a small glimpse of the adventure we embarked on when we first stepped into Crescent.

One of the more important things I took away from this event is that unity can overcome anything. Despite the many obstacles in our path, we were undaunted. Personally, I feel that I have gained new insight into how to properly communicate with and manage larger groups, as well as how to work together and encourage one another. This is why I feel the greatest actors in this play are our leaders, who took it upon themselves to model and craft a way for us to follow.

Hard work, perseverance, and time management were the key components that made this showcase such a success. Similar to how a ship cannot sail with just three men, this would never have been possible without every member of 2C3. The palette of individuals and how our potentials were brought maximised was what gave this event depth and character. This, without a doubt, would definitely be one of the more memorable experiences we would cherish as we look back and recount our time here in Crescent. From this event I hope that as a class, we have learnt new ways to adapt to challenging situations, as well as how to turn the tables to our advantage, bringing us “Waves of opportunities, Oceans of success.” 

Written by Sec 2C3 2014