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CrezUnite 2014

What’s more beautiful than a refreshing kaleidoscope of colors on a canvas – pleasure to the eyes and a sweet delight to everyone’s hearts? Indeed, the “Colours of Crescent” paints the dearest and the most beautiful memories of our four years in Crescent and beyond, making it the perfect theme for CrezUnite 2014.

CrezUnite Week is a very special week for Crescentians because it is an opportunity to strengthen the bonds among our Crescentian Family. Being an annual event, the organizing committee consisting of student leaders as well as our Secondary Fours put their hearts and souls into ensuring the best activities are put forward every year for the rest of the Crescentian Family to enjoy.

This year, to mark the start of CrezUnite, Crescentians participated in a mass dance and cheer session facilitated by our House Leaders which reminds us that we play a part in keeping our school spirit alive. The view of yellow sea of our students dancing in synch to “DJ got us Falling in Love”, we can proudly say, is the declaration of the unity that we have in Crescent.

Tuesday was a blast for the Crescentians as they enjoyed themselves at the “Class Picnic” during the assembly period. In line with the theme of the event, the members of each class brought colourful food dishes to be shared with their classmates.  The school also sponsored pizzas for the students as a part of “April Delight Day”, another activity aimed to encourage us to prepare little delights to surprise those we appreciate.

Wednesday and Thursday were no less exciting with the launch of Crescent’s edition of “Minute to Win It” – a series of simple minute-long games challenging the player to break the record. It was a hilarious yet fun sight as we witnessed our friends wriggling to shake off the balls in the container attached to their belt in “Junk in the Trunk” and desperately trying to blow rows of cups down with the released air from a balloon.

On top of these, we prepared a hand print banner by asking Crescentians to leave imprints of their hands on the banner to form the word “CRESCENT” throughout the week. Likewise, the photo booth was set up outside the canteen for Crescentians to take polariod pictures with lovely CrezUnite- themed props.

Every delight has to come to an end but we were thankful that CrezUnite 2014 came to an end with yet another thrilling stream of events on Friday – “Outfit of the Day”, “CrezCarnival” and “CrezAwards”. The auditorium was a breathtaking sight of the Colours of Crescent on that Friday morning as Crescentians dressed themselves up creatively for school – each of us wore one school colour to show that every Crescentian had something in common despite our vast differences. Several  groups of students stepped forward to set up the evening’s carnival stalls for their fellow Crescentians’ fun and amusement, selling food items such as pizzas, candy floss and “mocktail” as well as merchandise such as hand-made notebooks and designed badges. Many also queued up for hours to go through the horrors of the “Mad House”.

CrezAwards , Crescent’s very own talent show marked the final chapter of CrezUnite.  The musical night ended with our mass dance. CrezUnite 2014 was truly an unforgettable kaleidoscope of the “Colours of Crescent”.

Reported by  Su Thida Htun (4S1)