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Microsoft Global Forum

Mr Richard Koh represented the school at the Microsoft Global Forum held in Barcelona, Spain, from 11 th  to 14 th  March 2014. He was invited as an Expert Educator to share a learning experience he had designed with a group of Communicative Arts teachers in 2013 – creating a digital trail at Reflections@Bukit Chandu to help students understand a particular war poem related to a battle that took place in Singapore during War World II. At the forum, he  also worked with a team of Expert Educators from Taiwan, Puerto Rico and Belgium to design a learning activity in 24 hours – it was a new global contest called Learn-a-thon. The theme assigned to his team was Gender Equality and the team, after presenting their learning activity to a panel of judges, came in second runner-up.

The learning activity requires students to collaborate in groups to use visual metaphors to represent gender equality. Students then do their own research about gender equality in their own country and synthesize and organize information they could find, after which they interact with a counter-part group from another country to exchange ideas and to ask questions to clarify their understandings and knowledge with regard to the topic. Students then review their own visual metaphors with their new understandings and 

design flyers to raise awareness for the need for gender equality. This culminates at a global platform called Project Siena, which allows students to share their campaigns with one another. Mr Richard Koh found the experience very memorable and stimulating as he got to exchange ideas with like-minded educators and he looks forward to actualizing the learn-a-thon activity in his own classrooms.