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Internationalization 2014 - Malacca

On 3 March 2014, 48 of us along with four accompanying teachers, embarked on our Sec 2 Internationalisation Trip to Malacca, Malaysia.

As part of our Values-in-Action (VIA) activity, we spent 3 days at the Salvation Army’s Peacehaven Centre and Lighthouse Children’s Home where we carried out different tasks such as cleaning of the classrooms and activity areas, assisting the helpers with kitchen chores and even being classroom assistants to the teachers conducting the lessons. On top of that, we got to interact closely with both the special needs children and children from Lighthouse Children’s Home through different activities such as interactive games with the children and handicraft workshop conducted by the special needs children. We must say that the handicraft skills of the special needs children were really amazing! They were also very patient in guiding us to complete the handicrafts, even incorporating special design for some of us! From the 3 day VIA activity at Salvation Army, we learnt a lot of values from the special needs children as they are optimistic and though they may have special needs, some of them can carry out tasks much better than anyone of us as they do not give up easily and stay focused on their tasks. In addition, we also learnt to be more aware of our surroundings and take initiatives to take actions to help others as whatever small actions we do can make a difference.

When overseas, it is not just about having a wonderful time but it is also about learning the cultures of other countries to further understand the people and the country. In Malacca, it would be a pity to miss out their cultural museums! We gained much knowledge on the history of Malacca from the visits to Cheng Ho Museum and Baba Nyonya Museum. We also had a great time on the Malacca River Cruise and Malacca City Tour. We also tasted their local delights, such as chendol and dodol! It sure doesn't taste the same as the one we can find in Singapore!

Our internationalisation trip to Malacca was truly a fun-filled and enriching experience! We learnt and matured from the whole experience. We have learnt to put other people’s benefits before ours and consider their feelings in whatever we do and say. This is definitely one memorable experience that we hold close to our hearts as many friendships were forged and we learnt many values throughout the trip while broadening our horizons by being globally aware.

Shannon Kwok Xin Yi (2S1)

Natalie Crystal Lee Jia Li (2S1)