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Internationalization 2014 - Laos

For our Internationalization trip this year, we went to Luang Prabang Educational School for Disabled Children in Laos. Our main purpose was to do farming, painting and to interact with the students whom we all communicated with using sign language.

 We were able to experience what it was like to be a student there, doing farming and also painting walls. Initially, we thought that the tasks given would be an easy task. We were wrong as we had to get ourselves dirty and exert a lot of energy. However, the results of our labour proved fruitful as we looked at our final product in satisfaction.

We also had opportunities to bond with the students there.  They were very friendly and cheerful, and taught us how to make bracelets. Despite the communication barrier we faced, we were still able to carry on with our activities with the effort put in by everyone. Through the activities, all of us found the best way of starting a conversation – a simple smile along with a “Sabaidee” (which means “Hello”) where we put our hands together and do a small bow.

Not only was their way of communication different, their school also looked very different from ours. In contrast to the environment which surrounds the school, and the number of students, Crescent has a much larger student body compared to their small population of only 50 students. Also, while Crescent is surrounded by tall buildings and busy roads, the school in Laos were surrounded by trees and huts; there were even cows roaming about. The atmosphere gave off a feeling of serenity and a more rural and village-like feel, while the streets of Singapore are busy and hectic.

We feel that we benefitted from this trip as it was an eye-opener for everyone to learn about the difference in cultures between the two countries. We learnt to appreciate things we have back home that we often for granted, such as having clean water to drink and sufficient food to eat.


Reported by  Tang Hoiye (2C2) & Shannon Gan (2G1)