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Chiang Mai Visitors to CGS

On Sunday, 23rd March 2014, we met the Thai students from Regina Coeli College. On the journey to their hostel Travellers’ Inn, I was filled with anticipation. Needless to say, the first meeting with them was rather awkward. Even though they were able to speak basic English, there was still a slight language barrier, especially since I spoke very quickly, and made it difficult for them to understand me. We had lunch at Old Town White Coffee and they were exposed to Singaporean cuisine for the first time. This lunch marked the start of our week-long journey together.

During the week, my buddy, Fah, participated in various school and cultural activities. She sat in class with me during my lessons and joined the class for breaks and lunches. On Wednesday, we went to the zoo together appreciated the diversity of wildlife.

Time passed quickly and before we knew it, it was Friday. We had a friendly match of Captains’ Ball before heading to Gurame Restaurant at Changi for a lovely dinner. They enjoyed the dinner and we had a wonderful view of the sea.

On Saturday, we made our way to Changi Airport to send the Thai students off. Even though we parted ways, Fah and I still communicate via Instagram and Line. I have definitely learnt a lot from this buddy experience. I learned about the culture in Thailand, and am extremely pleased to have made a friend from beyond Singapore’s borders. Even though there is a two year age gap between Fah and myself, our friendship is indeed very strong, and I can’t wait to see her again in Chiang Mai after the Mid-Year Examinations. Both this experience and my trip to India for internationalisation have taught me to appreciate different cultures.

Reported by Garrrendir Kaur Shanna (2C2)