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UK Literature Trip

To the land of Literature
To the words’ abode
Where the legendaries resided
Where they lay down their load
For words are expressions that hold the code to our imaginations. And these are the places where the dulcet and mellifluous tones are intricately woven together.

From Lake District in Manchester,
Where William Wordsworth resided
To the Bronte’s Parsonage,
an ethereal world with the lingering presence of the sisters.
Then Stratford upon Avon, the birthplace of William Shakespeare And the day after, Crickhowell High in Wales where the bonds established were held so dear Bristol the next day, most known for its ports

And on the sixth day, the privilege to visit Oxford. An insightful day seven with Jacob Sam-La Rose as we learnt the felicities of poetry and we even got a dose. Next, the Globe Theatre, the east end of London and classic english comedy by night 

When we came to the epiphany that the next day was our last, we suffered a major and terrible fright The day after, Buckingham Palace,
London Bridge, the Big Ben, The Victoria and Albert Museum and its statues, carved by hand
The bumpy bus rides and the unforgettable highlights are snippets of what we remember
as we think back and reflect.

We certainly can say from the moment we boarded our flight at the end of May that nothing can ever match up to our halcyon days in UK.

Written by:
Chow Jia En Adira (3C1)
Teoh Li Ching (3G2)