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National Schools' Literature Festival 2014

National Schools’ Literature Festival 2014– Keeping the Flame Alive 

The National Schools' Literature Festival 2014 was a memorable and enriching event that took place on 12 July. An annual event, it poses as a test for  teachers to reignite a passion for Literature in us students. It also connects students from various schools as they actively participate in the festival. We were exposed to numerous opportunities to bond and share our views through a variety of engaging activities. Ranging from Debates and Poetry Slam Competitions to the Book Fairs set up by the different schools, the school was abuzz with activity. It almost seemed as though Literature is alive, soaring through the hallways unrestrained like a bird free from its cage of ignorance. My friends and I were astounded by the scale of the festival, and how Literature actively enriches numerous aspects of our lives. I had never understood some of the greater implications in Literature before. However, a stint as a chairperson for one of the Unseen Poetry Debates changed this. I was amazed by the passion displayed by the individual debaters from many schools. I can easily declare now, that Literature is a lot more than what meets the eye. We have a duty to ensure that it burns bright in the days ahead, like our curiosity towards the world. Literature has never felt more real, and alive.

Reported by Debbie Ang Qiao Xuan, 3S1