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Hwa Chong Institution Math Quest

  On 26 July 2014, two teams of Secondary 3 students took part in the Hwa Chong Institution Math Quest (HCMQ). The aims of HCMQ were to expose the upper secondary participants to non-routine type of Mathematical problems and stimulate them to higher levels of critical and analytical thinking. It was an exciting and mind boggling experience for us as we crossed the hurdles in the Individual round and the Team Relay round where we worked collaboratively to solve some Math problems within a fixed time frame. In spite of the challenges and difficulties we faced in some segments, we demonstrated our unwavering spirit and one of our teams made it to the Final Round.    


After the last round of grueling battle, we are pleased that our team (comprising of Lim Ee Xin Callys, Wang Lurong and Wang Xueting) from 3S1 clinched the 2 nd Runners-Up in the Team Category. Another participant from the other team, Lim Jun Na, from 3S2 managed to win the 2 nd Runner-Up in the Individual Category.

We would like to express our gratitude to our teachers-in-charge, Ms Shakina and Mr Lim Li Cheng, for their guidance and support. It has indeed been a fruitful learning experience for all of us.

Reported by Wang Xueting 3S1