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Secondary One Orientation: Campfire 2014

The Secondary 1 Crescentians were restless with anticipation for the campfire to start, all ready for the lineup of songs, games, and performances by the incoming Secondary 1s and well as various CCA groups. After the first few performances, the girls were cheering loudly for the various orientation groups(OGs). The several games played during the campfire showed the students working as a team with the people they had met only the day before, cracking their brains and asking the seniors for answers eagerly, as well as fostering camaraderie amongst all the OGs. As for the campfire songs, they were most enthusiastic for Kookaburra, where they had a mini-competition to see which groups were louder. Everyone swayed to the Angklung’s rendition of ‘Under the Sea’ from Little Mermaid, and clapped to the tunes played by the band. They were cheering enthusiastically as members of the NCC and NPCC showed off their skills during their performance. The campfire ended with a prize presentation. By the end of the event, every single Crescentian had the Crescent Spirit and was encouraging their peers, cheering loudly and enjoying the night. Although the flames of the campfire fizzled out, the Crescentian spirit still burned bright and strong!

Reported by Keerti Karunakaran (3C1)

Interaction among house leaders and Sec 1 Crescentians during the Potion Game

Eyes glued to the dancers

“Eager Anticipation”

“Peer Support”

“Teaming to Win”

“Looking, Watching, Enjoying”

“Performing in Delight”

“Shock, Surprise, Glee”

“Giving Support”

“Wishing for the campfire to go on”