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CCA Open House 2014

Manning our CCA booth and introducing ourselves to the new Secondary Ones and their parents during the recent CCA Open House was a joyful moment. Having them come up to our booth with curious faces reminded us of ourselves three years ago, when we were in their shoes, excitedly asking questions about the CCAs we were interested in. Surely they must have felt as awed as we were to see the many CCAs they could participate in and the enthusiasm and passion every Crescentian displayed for their CCA.

The parade square was abuzz with activity as the various groups showcased their talents, adding to the highlights of the event. The uniformed groups had everyone's attention with their precise and well-rehearsed foot and rifle drills. The sports groups also played mini matches, showcasing their athletic prowess. Artistic performances were also staged all over the school by the various performing arts CCAs, such as the performances by the Angklung Musical Ensemble and the poems acted out by ELDDS members, which captured everyone’s attention.

The Secondary One students definitely benefited from watching these showcases, as they now know what to expect about the CCA, and also have the confidence that they will be nurtured to their fullest potentials in their areas of interest here at CGS.

Being the last CCA open house we attended as Secondary Fours, it was definitely a memorable and nostalgic event. Passing the baton on to our juniors and seeing them grow and improve with every event they were involved in, we knew we could count on them to continue striving for excellence in our future CCA competitions and activities.

Reported by Tricia Chee and Dudekula Reema of 4C3


A dancer walking on stilts with the aid of her friend.

A mini hockey match showcasing the skills of the hockey members.

A performance from our NCC squad doing drills.

An amazing performance by our very own Anklung & Kulintang Ensemble.

One spectacular drill performance by our NCC

NPCC members showing off their handmade souvenirs.

Secondary 1 students giving netball a try. “Yay!! I got it in….”

Softballers all geared up in their jerseys promoting their CCA enthusiastically.

The CrezChoir serenading the crowd with their melodious voices.

Two secondary 1 students enjoying their time at the NCC booth.