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Total Defence Day Commemoration


Today, 15 February 2014, we commemorated Total Defence Day in School, the day in which the British surrendered to the Japanese in 1942.

It was a very interesting lesson that we had during CCE lesson. Instead of the usual style of PowerPoint slides that I had expected, we had to work as a class and solve various puzzles to find a way to rescue our principal, Mrs Tan who had been 'kidnapped'. The puzzles were related to different aspects of Total Defence. This interactive activity really excited my class as we were eager to be the first to accomplish the mission.

We had to divide ourselves into groups of 5 and go to other classes to solve a puzzle after which we would get a piece and had to solve the entire puzzle to reveal the location. Though we managed to identify the location before getting all the pieces, we needed to solve everything and present the evidence to the kidnappers.  We ran from point to point and helped each other out with the Total Defence Day-themed puzzles. My group had to solve a crossword relating to words about Total Defence. When we were done piecing the puzzle together, we ran to the location as a class and realized that we were the first to finish. We felt really proud that we managed to achieve it together a class.

When I think back to the first activity that our class did together, I will always recall this experience as I felt all of us realised the importance of teamwork and helping each other out. I think we bonded together as all of us had a common goal and we were very determined to succeed. In the second part of the lesson learnt more about the facts and values concerning Total Defence day. The activity was really memorable and made us very happy. ​

Written by: Ayesha Siddiqah Bte Mohamed J (3S1)