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Farewell Ms Norris…..

Crescentians streamed into the residence of the late Ms Evelyn Norris with one aim in mind – to represent the school in paying their last respects to the founding principal of Crescent Girls’ School. The atmosphere was very solemn and sad, yet, it felt very peaceful. Most people there were speaking in hushed voices but I heard snippets of how their paths crossed with hers. 

A short slide show at the wake featured Ms Norris’ key role  in shaping CGS’s identity in the short five years that she served in the school before moving on to her alma mater. Here she established the NCC girls’ unit and the Symphonic Band. She retired in 1976 and lived to a ripe old age of 95. On February 15, she passed on, leaving behind a long-lasting legacy for her staff and pupils.

My grandmother, who was a pupil in RGS when Ms Norris was principal, remembers her as a strict but kind person. She cared for a stray dog called Brownie who would wait for her faithfully at her parking lot every morning to greet her and walk her to her office.

At the wake, we paid our respects. Looking at her peaceful face, I felt a wave of mixed emotions wash over me. Here lay a lady who had lived her life to the fullest, completed her mission and gone home to her Lord. It made me wonder how much I, myself, will accomplish in my life and what impact I will leave behind.

Reported by Rachel Sim Jia Xuan (4G2)