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Teachers' Day 2014








Teachers’ Day Concert 2014 kicked off with a blast as Crescentians cheered enthusiastically when our beloved teachers and staff, all dressed in innovative superhero costumes entered the auditorium – inspired by the theme of this year’s celebrations, “I teach. What’s your superpower”. The concert was fun-filled, entertaining and memorable as it reminded teachers of their passion for teaching as they watched their students pour out their gratitude in through various dances, songs and skit!

This annual celebratory event organised by the Student Council provided a platform for students to not only express their sincere appreciation to their teachers, but also to showcase their talents to the entire school. Besides performances, students also dedicated their own unique messages of thanksgiving to their teachers on stage. Nonetheless, the most anticipated segment of the event was the awards segment. After a round of online voting by the student body, the winners of the various awards from the staff in the Crescent Family were announced. Deafening applause and cheers from Crescentians filled the auditorium as these dedicated and passionate teachers receive their awards.

It was truly heartening to see that after two long months of preparations, all our efforts had finally paid off as our teachers and fellow schoolmates thoroughly enjoyed themselves during this concert. The event drew to a close with Crescentians dancing to Crescent’s very own mass dances. The sense of pride and satisfaction that swept over both the student councillors and performers at the end was truly remarkable. We could feel the overwhelming sincerity from the student body as they contributed in their own ways to make this event memorable for our Crescentian Family.

The Teachers’ Day Concert served as a platform for all students to thank our beloved teachers and staff of Crescent for nurturing us to become ladies and leaders of tomorrow. Thank you to all Teachers of Crescent for your passion and dedication! 

Naomi Shamitha (2G2) and Estella Tan (2C1)