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Singapore Infocomm Technology Federation Awards

On 1 August, three teams from Crescent Girls' School took part in the first presentation round of Singapore Infocomm Technology Federation (SiTF) Awards. This is a platform to promote development and give recognition to innovative solutions that benefit and make a difference to the community with the use of technology. 

There were four groups from Crescent taking part in the Preliminary Judging Round of the SiTF Competition. One of the groups aimed to create a user-friendly app, named ‘Don’t Forget Me’, for smartphones and android that can help to store the location of items that people tend to forget. They had three different categories called the important items that can store the location of the items such as keys they have placed, the vehicles where they can store the location or parking lot of where they have parked their vehicles and will be replaced when another location is added and last category is to store our home address with the SOS function that is aimed towards people with Dementia.

One of the other teams, 120s of life, shared a similar experience but with a different theme in mind. The theme focused on drug abuse among the youth and how this problem could be solved. The team planned to raise awareness about drug abuse among the youth and about  making the right decisions in life. The team created a game which would be a future game app on smart phones where the player has the choice of whether to taking drugs or not. If he chooses to take drugs, information regarding the drugs will be provided, with the intention to reach the player to raise awareness on the effects of the drug. The team believes in the key value of responsible decision-making and being able to reach out to youths in an interactive way with a game app. The team’s efforts and commitment paid off. Not only did they make it to the finals, they were presented yet again with the improvement of plans to work with the CNB(Central Narcotics Bureau) to promote our app on a larger scale to make a difference to more people. Social Media platforms of this team attracted the audience by drawing their interest to the game and information on drug abuse. As the team waits for the results to be announced at the gala dinner of SiTF in RWS, they will continue in their efforts to promote the game.

Throughout this experience, we encountered several obstacles, but our teachers were always there to guide us and bring us back to the right track. We learnt how to collaborate and merge all our ideas to derive the final solution. On the day of the presentation, the judges were impressed with our idea and wanted to see more in our app.  

We would like to thank our CCA teachers, Mr David Tay, Mr Sebestian Goh, Mdm Zee and Miss Ghwee, parents, CCA mates and friends for their never-ending support and guidance in this journey. We hope that Computer Club can continue to make Crescent proud as it explores the field of technology to come up with creations that would benefit society.

by R.S. Krithika (3G1) and Razeena Sahrin(2C1)