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CGSSB - 5th National Band Challenge

On 3 August 2014, CGSSB participated in the 5th National Band Competition (NBC) held at the Singapore Conference Hall, where we played ‘Blue Sky and Sunshine’ by Toshihiro Fujishiro as our set piece and ‘And Then the Ocean Glows’ by Satoshi Yagisawa as our choice piece.

The past 3 months have been a hectic time for the band as we put in our best effort to make sure we could play up to standard in the short duration of time we had to prepare for NBC.

The band had to make full use of the practice sessions it had 3 times a week to learn and perfect the pieces. Despite that, we still lacked time due to the competition. It may have been hard for most of us to juggle between the busy schedules of band and our studies, but we continued to persevere and press on to uphold the band’s reputation. We had the disadvantage of being a small band, only 41 strong, but it did not hinder our performance and we still gave our best.ny holidays and commitments that we had in school. As such, we were required to attend Saturday practices 2 weeks prior to

All our hard work and dedication paid off when we attained a Gold Award with a score of 80.0%. This achievement would not have been possible without the support and guidance of our conductors, Mr and Mrs Chua and Mr Lee, our teachers-in-charge, Mdm Zaidah, Ms Goh, Ms Azilah and Ms Rafiqqa, and the parents of the band members. NBC has truly enabled us to learn to be more confident, to persevere and to work together as a team.

CGSSB will continue to strive for excellence as it lives by its motto, “et bientot le meilleur” – the best is yet to be.