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National Tamil Debate Competition 2014

AKR,Tawfica Banu4G2. Sahira Banu4C2, Yuvasri4G1, Revathi4S2 and Soundarya 4S2 represented CGS in the National Tamil Debate Competition 2014. It was a really great experience as it helped us in many ways.  However, it was not an easy task to make it to the Semi-Finals. We had to train hard for period of 2month preparing us for not just with the  prepared round, but, also, the  impromptu segment. Having presence of mind and being able to think on the spot was very crucial for this debate. Hence, we had to practice continuously to build our confidence. It also gave us the opportunity to work as a team.

One of the greatest challenges we faced was the difficulty to juggle our academics, CCA and Debate practice sessions. Being Secondary 4 students, it was hard to manage these 3 aspects as they were all important.

Our teachers motivated and encouraged us to strive and aim for excellence. We did and were able to defeat 28 other schools. Angelene Joshna, a secondary 2 student represented CGS in an impromptu round for the audience and emerged victorious.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our teachers, Mdm Uma, Mr Mohan and Mr Murthi who sat through the process of defining and analyzing the topic with us even on weekends.

Reported by AKR,Tawfica Banu4G2. Sahira Banu4C2, Yuvasri4G1, Revathi4S2