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Internationalization 2014 - Hunan

The Internationalization Trip to China, Hunan was a truly memorable experience. We made new friends, had fun, and learnt to appreciate our lives in Singapore. Some of the greater challenges we faced during the trip include acclimatizing to the harsh weather conditions, completing the different aspects of our CIP successfully and getting over the cultural differences between China and our country.

Our group spent the first few days of the trip learning about the history and culture of the country, immersing ourselves in the sights and sounds of China. Our tour guide, Xiao Peng, was also generous in his sharing of local folk tales and superstitions. These activities filled our days before we begun on the CIP project of painting Tao Yuan Lu School and interacting with the local students. Painting the school was far from an easy feat – we had to paint several layers of paint as the colour was not dark enough and some of the more mischievous students in the school placed their palms on the wet paint several times. This slowed the process but as we worked tirelessly alongside each other, we completed our tasks to the delight of the local students. Their sweet smiles and the looks of excitement on some of their faces truly motivated our efforts to give them a nicer environment to study in. Our attempts to play games with the students was also challenging due to the small and crammed classrooms. That there were so many students in a class made the whole class so chaotic that we struggled to let our instructions for the games be heard. We have come to really appreciate our spacious and well-ventilated classroom, and the good facilities in Crescent

“We cannot change our surroundings. But we can change how we approach it.” These were the words of wisdom Xiao Peng left with us at the end of our eight-day journey. Even if we face different obstacles that would come our way, if we change our attitude and mindset, we can make a difference.

Reported by  Carrie Teo Kai Xin (2C2), Tan Yu Han (2S2)