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Sec 1 Comm Arts Learning Journey to Bukit Chandu

When my class first heard we had to attend a Learning Journey to Reflections @ Bukit Chandu, we were confused as we were unable to relate with the purpose of this excursion, which was to learn more about the Japanese Occupation and to gain a better understanding of “Adnan and Comrades at Bukit Chandu”, a poem written by Edwin Thumboo.

Classes were divided into groups of 4 or 5 each group was issued an iPad. Once we reached Bukit Chandu, we used the iPads to access the Trail Shuttle and navigate around the area. The questions were based on the exhibits and required us to apply our literary skills to gain a deeper understanding of what had transpired at Bukit Chandu. 

A particularly memorable exhibit was the one where we watched a video that gave us insight into the Battle at Bukit Chandu. This narration was accompanied by sound effects, giving the impression that we were in the midst of the war itself. This exhibit was particularly popular amongst the students since enabled them to appreciate and respect the soldiers who fought valiantly for Singapore’s freedom; in particular, for Lieutenant Adnan, who led the regiment in the battle. Laranya Kumar from 1S2 said that the video and sound effects were “intriguing” while others were able to better empathise with those who had lost their lives while fighting for Singapore.

All in all, this Learning Journey was definitely thought-provoking and eye-opening and helped us to comprehend the poem better.

Reported by: Kacine Wee (14) 1G1