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Racial Harmony Day 2013

As a reminder of the 1964 racial riots and how we should embrace people of all races, Crescent Girls’ School celebrated Racial Harmony Day by having a special Racial Harmony Week from 16 July to 19 July.

I absolutely loved that week. There was something special planned for every day and traditional games were available under the ISH (Indoor Sports Hall) for Crescentians to play during their free time. Some traditional games available were five stones, Congkak, Zero-Point, pick-up sticks, Glue Balloon, Chapteh and Hopscotch. In addition, parents sold scrumptious traditional food during our recesses at affordable prices. There was also the option of getting an intricate and beautiful henna tattoo, ‘tattooed’ on our hand.

The highlight of the week was of course to be dressed up in ethnic costumes on Friday. During morning assembly, instead of the usual sea of yellow and turquoise, elaborate colourful fabric adorned the auditorium as Crescentians dressed up in various ethnic costumes, ranging from kimonos, baju kurungs to qi paos, and even saris. Apart from students, teachers too dressed up and there was one notable costume that received the applause from the audience; Mr Ho Yuan Seng was transformed into a Saudi Arabian prince for the day.

I love interacting with new people, learning about exotic cultures and tasting foreign food, and Singapore, especially being a multi-racial country, has given me the chance to do so. Racial Harmony Commemoration is one platform where students can appreciate the different races, cultures and religions that exist harmoniously in Singapore.

Reported by: Hset Hset Naing, 3G3