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National Schools Literature Festival 2013

On 13 July a group of talented actors as well as silver tongued debaters boarded the bus, all led by a group of dedicated teachers, ready to embrace the world of fiction. The destination? Dunman High School, where the National Schools’ Literature Festival 2013 was to be held. They comprised the teams to represent our school in various events: Poetry Slam, Unseen Debates, Set Text debates, as well as The Lower Secondary Book Trailer, and did our school proud.

The programme unfolded with inspiring speeches, moving poetry performances, and a thought provoking short play, before the competitions began. Our Poetry Slam (upper secondary category) participants delivered an amazing rendition of their original composition, captivating indeed the very faculties of eyes and ears, earning the girls a third placing. Those who took part in the Book Trailer simply excelled; their creative and well executed portrayal of Orwell’s Animal Farm propelled them to Championship. The debates were well fought, with words dealt swiftly across the room, and the girls secured victories in the Crucible and the Unseen Debates.

However, it was not the glory they sought, but the chance to be around like-minded people, to share the appreciation for language with students across the country. Under the bright lights of the auditorium, their trophies gleamed like the flames of a torch, as they were not only ambassadors of the school, nor were they simply participants, but the receivers of batons, tasked to keep the flames of literary passion burning brightly through the future.

Reported by Nicole Goh (4S1)