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I&E Club: Sharing of Entrepreneurship Training Programme

Ask any Innovation and Enterprise Club member about how they feel about the year-long entrepreneurship training programme conducted by MoneyTree Singapore, and they would tell you that it was indeed a very memorable and enriching experience.

The entrepreneurship training programme consisted of four segments: (a) innovation and creativity; (b) enterprise; (c) learning journey; (d) follow-up. The programme ran from March to October 2013 and was made possible with funding support under the YES! Schools Scheme run by SPRING Singapore.

The workshop, aimed to equip us with the right mindset (innovative, risk-taking et cetera) and ideation methodology, provided a great platform for our creative juices to flow as we collaborated and brainstormed how to innovate or improve existing products in the world.

We also honed our financial literacy skills and learnt how to make a viable business pitch in the marketplace with real-world considerations in mind. We applied what we learnt through producing prototypes of our ideas, which we showcased and presented to our mentor for critique. We also went on a learning journey to Red Dot Museum where we saw a myriad of well-designed products which were creative yet feasible solutions to everyday life.

Three of our teams participated in competitions like I.C.E. Challenge 2013 and one team managed to make it to the quarter-finals. The teams also showcased their prototypes to members of the public during the P6 Open House in October.

We would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to our instructors (MoneyTree Singapore), CCA teachers (Ms Caroline Chan and Ms Namita Sarbahi), the school and SPRING Singapore for this truly meaningful experience. Our horizons were broadened, and we believe that we will perform even better in the coming future, be it school projects or competitions.

Reported by: Chloe Choy Heng Yoong (4S1) and Chang Jing Wen (4S2)

 Working in groups during the innovation and enterprise workshops: brainstorming, discussion and decision-making.


Some pictures of our initial prototypes made from cardboard.

Shortlisted teams’ Prototypes:

  • S.E.A.T. by Team Pudding
  • Ficon by Team Moneyface
  • Safelite by Team Ninja Bunny