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Secondary 2 Showcase 2013

Friday 16 August was a very exciting day for parents, students, and teachers alike. Secondary 2 students had transformed their respective multi-purpose rooms to a whole new level, ranging from an out of this world sci-fi space adventure(2C3) to a serene garden (2G1) and Bon Voyage in 2S1. Every class had a different theme. Yes, this was no other than one of the key highlights of the year: The Secondary 2 Showcase 2013.

Parents started to show up as early as 6.15 pm, eagerly waiting to see their daughters showcase their exciting journey in their Secondary 2 year at Crescent. Topics this year included Co-Curricular Activities, the Integrated Curriculum Programme, Student Leadership Programme, and even the Internationalization Overseas Service Learning trip.

Dressed in their class T-shirts for this special occasion, the Secondary 2 students found themselves becoming more bonded as a class, working against all odds to bring out the best in their presentations and in organising the event as a whole.

We even interviewed a few parents, all of whom praised the students for their comprehensive and precise presentations and information despite the minor hiccups. Form, co-form and PBL teachers gave their utmost support and provided useful feedback during rehearsals that helped students refine their presentation skills.

Overall, it was certainly a wonderful experience which all of us, regardless of age, will never forget.

Reported by Mandy Choy and Lakshmi (2G1)