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National Day Celebration 2013

To kick start the joyous occasion – Singapore’s 48th birthday celebration on 7th August – Crescentians came to school styled in various red and white clothing that spoke of one thing: patriotism. Even Crescentians who were not Singaporeans dressed according to the dress code to show their support for Singapore. The morning started with the whole school assembled in the parade square as everyone sang the national anthem and recited the pledge with conviction and dignity, and the principal read the 48th national day message.

The events were lively and exciting, in-keeping with the zestful mood that reverberated throughout the school. The lower secondary students ate their breakfast while the upper secondary students had an FITT Aerobic session in the auditorium. An enjoyable morning workout session with schoolmates – a brilliant idea to bond fellow schoolmates and Singaporeans alike.

I had my breakfast afterwards, and my, was it delicious! The Parent Support Group sold palatable food such as cereal and cupcakes that were absolutely heavenly-chocolate flavoured with a piquant cream topping.

The celebrations commenced at 9am sharp as we sang, danced, hugged each other. Every sec four class came up to sing a national day song. The sec threes did a tableau on stage while someone narrated what the scene was about. Unique designs of the road names of Singapore done by the Sec twos were screened on stage. Celebrating with us were visitors from Rainbow Centre.

At last, before the celebrations were finally over, the House leaders did one last mass dance session and prizes for the tableau and road signs were presented. This year’s National Day song, One Singapore, was finally played and everyone gathered for one last bonding session before finally dispersing out through the doors to enjoy their long weekend.

Reported by Hset Hset Naing (3G3)