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Parent Support Group (Crescent PSG)


Our Vision and Guiding Philosophy:

Parents, standing together with the school to equip each student with vital knowledge, useful skills, positive attitudes and upright values, to enable her to stand tall in the global community. 

PSG – Network of Support

  • Comprises parents who meet regularly in school to engage in dialogue sessions with (or without) the Principal and key personnel to discuss educational concerns;
  • Creates a network of links between school, family and community.

Shared Vision – Partners in Education

  • School and parents in a symbiotic relationship in which PSG members share a common vision and work towards improving the school.
  • Gives parents a legitimate voice for giving constructive feedback to the school;
  • Parents as a resource for the purpose of attracting other parents to be involved in school.

Areas of Contribution

  • Resource personnel; Fund raising; Sponsorships;
  • Participation and involvements in school functions, activities, committees;
  • Organize and/or conduct workshops, courses, talks;







First row (L-R): Mdm Chitra D/O Ammaiyappan (Treasurer 1), Mdm Deepa Shimoga (Secretary 1), Mdm Joyce Wai, Mdm See Bee Bee (Chairperson), Mrs Helen Chong (Principal), Mrs Ng Wei San (Admin Manager 2, PSG Liaison), Ms Tseng Chia Ly (Treasurer 2), Mrs Rupa Saha (Vice-Chairperson), Mdm Reshma P. 

Second row (L-R): Mr Tan Seng Kok, Mrs Fern Leong, Mrs  Kasturi Vanaja, Mrs Jannath Birdhouse, Ms Dorothy Chong, Mdm Aishah Mizal, Ms Moe Moe Kyaw, Mrs Bindhu Sajan, Mdm Jis Dominic, Mr Thiruvengadam Ponnurangam

Third Row (L-R): Mrs Malathi Balakrishnan, Ms Priyanka Amarnath (Secretary 2), Ms Lim Sock Hia, Mrs Adeline Binny, Ms Rene Neo, Mdm Gowri Naidu, Mr Aloysius Lee (Alwi)

Fourth Row (L-R): Mrs Sowmya Sowrirajan, Mdm Radin Mas, Ms Wanna Teoh, Ms Yeung Lee, Mdm Lim Beng Ling, Mrs Poonam Kaushik, Dr Wu Ya Jun, Mrs Revathy Vadivelu, Mr Kailasam Vadivelu

Not in picture: Mdm Arajun Kavitha, Mdm S. Vidhyalakshmi, Mdm Minal Shelae, Mdm Soh See Theng, Mdm Sarika Jain, Mrs Susai Justin Mareena



First row L-R: Ms Lim Sock Hia (Asst Secretary), Mdm Joyce Wai (Vice-Chairperson 2), Mdm See Bee Bee (Vice-Chairperson 1), Ms Daisy Ng (Chairperson), Mrs Helen Chong (Principal), Mrs Ng Wei San (Admin Manager 2, PSG Liaison), Mdm Chitra D/O Ammaiyappan (Treasurer), Mdm Kristina Lee (Asst Treasurer
), Mdm Deepa Shimoga (Secretary), Mdm S. Vidhyalakshmi 

Second & Third Row (L-R): Mrs  Kasturi Vanaja, Mrs Susai Justin Mareena, Mdm Gowri Naidu, Mrs Bindhu Sajan, Mrs Adeline Binny, Ms Rene Neo, Mrs Rupa Saha, Mdm Vivian  Tan, Mdm Reshma P., Mdm Minal Shelae, Mrs Jannath Birdhouse, Ms Ivy Low, Mdm Noor Mazura, Mrs Poonam Kaushik, Ms Moe Moe Kyaw

Fourth Row (L-R): Mr Tan Seng Kok, Ms Tseng Chia Ly, Mdm Aishah Mizal, Ms Wanna Teoh, Mdm Soh See Theng, Mdm Lim Beng Ling, Mrs Fern Leong, Mdm Anitha L. Bhat, Mdm Arajun Kavitha, Mdm Sarika Jain, Mdm Jis Dominic , Mdm Malathi Balakrishnan, Mr Aloysius Lee (Alwi).

Not in picture: Priyanka Amarnath


2017 PSG Committee
2017 PSG Committee

Front Row (Seated) L-R:  Mdm Anita Kaur (Mediator), Ms Alpana Keertikar (Vice-Chairperson 1), Mrs Ng Wei San (CGS Administration Manager), Mrs Helen Chong (CGS Principal), Mdm Betty Huang (Chairperson), Ms Daisy Ng (Vice-Chairperson 2)
Second Row L-R: Mdm Chen Lee Fun (Treasurer), Mrs Jannath Birdhouse, Mdm Jessie Ho, Mdm Kasturi Vanaja, Ms Rene Neo, Ms Lim Sock Hia (Assistant Secretary), Mrs Anitha Bhat (Assistant Treasurer), Ms Hsu Sin Min (Assistant Treasurer), Ms K Sheela, Mdm See Bee Bee (Secretary)
Third Row L-R: Mr Perumal Dasarathan, Mdm Joycelyn Chew,  Mrs Bharathi Rajaram, Ms Ivy Ling, Mdm Chitra D/O Ammaiyappan, Mdm Jacqueline Ong, Mrs Rupa Saha, Mrs Yuka Tanida, Mrs Moe Moe Kyaw, Mrs Reshma.P
Back Row L-RMr Thomas See, Mrs Jis Dominic, Ms Malathi Balakrishnan, Mdm Gowri Naidu, Mrs Sneha Suthar, Mrs Irene Beh, Mrs Rajendran Kiruthiga Jagadeeswari, Mdm Deepa Shimoga, Mdm Fern Leong/Yap Hoon Hoon, Mrs M. Thilagavathi, Mr Tan Seng Kok, Mrs Arjunan Kavitha, Mr Wong Shih Shen, Mrs Bindhu Sajan, Mdm Joyce Wai, Mrs Mia Hwang
Not in Picture: Ms Anuradha Addanki, Mdm Noormazura Mohd Noordin, Mr Aloysius Lee (Alwi), Mrs Emily Tan Siew Pheng, Ms Kristina Lee


2016 PSG Committee2016 PSG Committee

Front Row L-R: Mdm Kasimah Kassim (Mediator), Ms Alpana Keertikar (Vice-Chairperson 2), Mrs Tan Chen Kee (CGS Principal), Mrs Savitha Kumar (Chairperson), Mdm Betty Huang (Vice-Chairperson 1), Mrs Ng Wei San (CGS Administration Manager)


Second Row L-R: Mdm Chen Lee Fun (Assistant Treasurer), Mrs Bharathi Rajaram, Ms Lim Sock Hia, Mrs Sneha Suthar, Mrs Jannath Birdhouse, Ms Anuradha Addanki,  Ms Hsu Sin Min, Ms Daisy Ng,  Mdm Noormazura Nordin (Secretary), Ms Jeya Priya (Assistant Secretary)


Third Row L-R:  Mdm Jessie Ho,  Mr Tan Seng Kok, Mrs M. Thilagavathi, Mrs Mia Hwang, Ms Ivy Ling, Mrs Juliet Ho, Mdm Anita Kaur, Mdm Rogayah Mohamad, Mdm Angelina Anthony


Fourth Row L-R: Ms Sarinajit Kaur, Mrs Rajendran Kiruthiga Jagadeeswari, Mdm Sue Koondari, Mrs Anitha Bhat, Mrs Arjunan Kavitha, Mdm See Bee Bee, Mr Wong Shih Shen, Ms K Sheela


Not in picture:, Ms Bernadette Ellya Jumana (Treasurer),  MrsYuka Tanida, Mdm Norhayati Kanapi


2015 PSG Committee

2015 PSG Committee

Front row L-R: Mdm Savitha Kumar (Vice-Chairperson 1), Mrs Ng Voon Keen (Treasurer), Mdm Betty Huang (Vice-Chairperson 2), Mrs Tan Chen Kee (CGS Principal), Mdm Fadilah Alkaff (Chairperson), Mrs Ng Wei San (CGS Administration Manager 2), Mdm Angelina Anthony (Secretary);


Middle Row L-R: Mdm Sneha Suthar, Mdm Chen Lee Fun, Mdm Norhayati Kanapi, Mdm Anuradha Addanki, Mdm Kasimah Kasim, Mdm Hsu Sin Min, Ms Jeya Priya, Ms Jessie Ho, Mdm Anitha Bhatt;


Back Row L-R: Mdm Alpana Keertikar, Mdm Jess Ong, Mdm Rogayah Mohamad, Mdm Yuka Tanida, Mr Muthusamy Mariappan, Mdm Sarinajit Kaur, Mdm Bharathi Rajaram, Mdm Noormazura Nordin, Mdm Kiruthiga Ramesh.


Not in picture: Mdm Anita Kaur, Mdm Ellya Jumana (Assistant Treasurer), Mdm Ivy Ling, Mdm K.Malliha, Mdm K Sheela,  Mdm M. Thilagavathi.


PSG Committee 2014
(Left to Right)

(1) Secretary, Mdm Angelina Anthony (2) Ms R.Priya (3) Mdm Hsu Sih Min (4) Mdm Chen Lee Fun (5) Asst Secretary, Mdm Ellya B.Jumana (6) Mdm Anita Kaur (7) Mdm Sneha Suthar (8) Mdm Kasimah Kassim (9) Mdm Betty Huang (10O CGS Principal, Mrs Tan Chen Kee (11) Mdm Savitha Kumar (12) Vice Chairperson, Mdm Fadilah Alkaff (13) Chairperson, Mr Ram Sivaram (14) Mdm K. Malliha (15) Treasurer, Mr Tan Soh Koon (16) Mdm Yuka Tanida (17) CGS Admin Manager, Mrs Ng Wei San (18) Mdm K.Sheela (19) Mrs Jessy Ho (20) Mdm Kiruthiga Ramesh (21) Mdm Alpana Keertikar (22) Mdm Jess Ong (23) Mdm Bharathi Rajaram.

Not in picture: Asst Treasurer, MRs Ng Voon Keen, Mr M Muthusamy, Mr S Ramesh Kumar, Mr Mohd Khusni, Mdm Rosaidah Ghazali, Mdm Sharifah Maznah.

Find out more about our activities here:

Parents interested may sign up for PSG membership at 


2015 PSG Committee
(Left to Right)

Seated: Mdm Fadilah Alkaff (Secretary), Mr S Siva Ram (Chairperson), Mrs Tan Chen Kee (Principal), Mrs Sandra Teo (Vice-Chairperson), Mr Tan Soh Koon (Treasurer), Mr Vincent Teo
Standing: Mdm K Malliha, Mrs Foo-Ng Tze Leng, Mdm Winnie Tai, Mdm C. Arasi, Mdm Angelina Anthony, Mdm Kasimah Kassim, Mdm Ng Voon Keen (Vice-Treasurer), Mdm Rogaya bte Mohamed, Mrs Bernadette Ellya Jumana
Not in picture: Mr Mariappan Muthusamy, Mrs Stpal Kaur, Ms R.Jeyapriya, Mrs Savitha Kumar.

Find out more about our activities here: