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Values in Action

In Crescent Girls’ School, CCE is infused in both the formal and informal curriculum through a structured CCE framework. One example of CCE in the formal curriculum is the Crescent's Values in Action (ViA) programme. This programme engages our lower secondary students in a dynamic problem-solving process with the aim of encouraging them to make a difference to the community. The programme is closely aligned with the school’s core values which are encapsulated in the C-DIET framework.

As part of the ViA curriculum, the lower secondary students are challenged to find areas of concern and formulate solutions to address them. Students first embark on a needs identification process, which involves conducting surveys and interviews. Upon identifying the actual needs of the target community, students are challenged to propose feasible and manageable solutions through the process of establishing criteria, prioritising, evaluation and finally decision-making. Students then present their project plans to their classmates and each class then selects the best project to implement. The ViA projects culminate in collective action that makes a difference to the target community.

Through the ViA process, students acquire important competencies such as information literacy, communication and collaboration. To enable the students to greater self-awareness and to learn to work collaboratively, a professional profiling instrument (DISC) is utilised to help students understand their personality, strengths and weaknesses, leading to improved group processes and outcomes. The skills and competencies that students acquire in this ViA process are also transferred to other areas in the holistic curriculum.

With the Secondary One students focusing on “Awareness and Advocacy”, we establish the basic principles of problem-solving while the Secondary Two ViA then sees the students putting these knowledge and skills into action to address community needs. The school is poised to work with Tanglin-Cairnhill Constituency Office to provide students with authentic platforms for their ViA projects.