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Music Elective Programme

The Music Elective Programme (MEP) is a four-year commitment that prepares students for the GCE ‘O’ Level Higher Music Examination. 

The objective of the MEP is to provide opportunities for musically inclined students to take up the serious study of music in music-writing, music-making and music listening. 

Students selected for the programme will take Music (MEP) in place of Design & Technology and Food & Consumer Education at the lower secondary level.  

GCE ‘O’ Level Higher Music is equivalent to a Humanities subject in the computation of scores for Junior College admission.

The current GCE ‘O’ Level Higher Music Syllabus (6086) is available for download at SEAB website (

Areas of Study & Activities

  • Genre Studies 
  • Harmony & Analysis 
  • Musical Elements, Styles & Characteristics 
  • The History & Growth of Music 
  • Music of Asian Traditions 
  • Music of Western Traditions 
  • MEP Camp
  • MEP Concert
  • Music Masterclass
  • Composition Modules
  • Enrichment Modules  

At Secondary 3 & 4, students will be guided to choose an additional studies in one of these three areas:  Music Essay, Music Creating or Music Performing. 

Programme Prerequisites  

To qualify for MEP@CGS, the student must have fulfilled the following:
She has met the entry requirement of Crescent Girls’ School. 
She is proficient at playing at least one music instrument at novice to intermediate level.  
She has rudimentary music theory knowledge and is able to read, write and notate music in the Western music tradition.

Apart from satisfying the above prerequisites, all potential students must meet the requirements at a compulsory written-cum-performance audition.

The compulsory audition will require the applicant to present Two Contrasting pieces of her choice that would best demonstrate her musical abilities and the written test will determine her aural skills and musical content knowledge. Applicant who is not performing on the Piano must make her own provision/arrangements to present on the instrument of her choice.  All performance audition should be unaccompanied.  

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