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Application and ICT Training in School

In Crescent Girls’ School, all lower secondary students are equipped with essential ICT Skills through the Lower Secondary Computer Education Programme (LSCEP). Some of the essential skills include Microsoft Office and Google Drive productivity tools, multimedia editing (video production and photo editing) as well as basic coding.

Below are some examples of apps that students will be learning and using in school.

APP1.pngMicrosoft Office
Microsoft Office 365 Pro Plus will be provided for all students. Students can have up to five licenses which they can install full version of Microsoft Office on their tablet, PC and even Mac.

In addition, students are given access to online web applications like Word, PowerPoint and Excel which are used pervasively during learning. Students will be able to use Office 365 in school or at home as long as they have internet access.

 app 2.png
Multimedia editing apps

Multimedia editing apps will be used pervasively in Lower Secondary Computer Education Programme (LSCEP) to develop core ICT skills e.g. digital drawing and design, webpage design, animation. The apps will be installed in students’ personal learning devices at no extra cost to parents as we will be using a site license purchased by the school. Students will be able to use the software as long as they are students at Crescent Girls’ School. 


Teams is an all-encompassing tool for students to consolidate learning resources, communicate with teachers and collaborate with peers. It helps students with homework management too. It empowers students to have better self-management and collaboration with peers.

app 3.png
Class Notebook

OneNote Class Notebook will be used by various subject teachers to disseminate lesson materials to students. It serves as a powerful tool for students to create and curate their own learning notes.

On top of this, students are also provided with school-managed Apple ID which comes with 200GB of iCloud storage.

All students are required to sign into CGS managed Apple ID using their Crescent email so that teachers are able to use Apple Classroom during lessons.