Internationalisation Programme

The main objectives of the Internationalisation Programme are:

  • To develop students to be culturally savvy;
  • To expose students to the world beyond Singapore;
  • To develop compassion in students as they participate in international service learning.

Secondary 2 Students will have the opportunity to visit one of the following destinations: India (Jaipur), China (Changsha), China (Xi’an), Laos (Luang Prabang), Thailand (Chiangmai), Malaysia (Malacca), Vietnam (Hanoi) or Indonesia (Bintan).

The trip itinerary will generally include 2 components :

  1. Service learning
  2. Cultural immersion

After the trip, students felt that they should be appreciative of they have in Singapore and learn how to rise above challenges. They feel a sense of rootedness towards Singapore after they have been to these countries.

Internationalisation Trips