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Integrated Curriculum

About the Curriculum

At Crescent, we have designed the Integrated Curriculum Programme for Secondary 1, 2 and 3 students. We hope that by the end of Secondary 3, students are able to:

      • Understand the interconnectedness among different subjects and disciplines;
      • Apply knowledge and skills from different subjects to handle authentic performance tasks;
      • Collaborate and co-construct knowledge effectively with their peers at the various stages of the curriculum;
      • Harness Information & communication technology (ICT) effectively to handle their performance tasks;
      • Strengthen their global awareness to be better equipped as citizens of the 21st century.

Secondary 1 Integrated Curriculum - Environment

Subject Focus: Geography, Mathematics, Science

Secondary 2 Integrated Curriculum - Conflict
Subject Focus: Art, English Language, English Literature, History

Secondary 3 Integrated Curriculum - Health
Subject Focus: Biology, English Language, Physical Education


INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE (Brisbane, Australia) - IASCE Conference 2010:
Secondary Two Integrated Curriculum - Using Technology To Enhance Collaborative Learning, What The Students Have To Say (November 2010)

INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE (Prague, Czech Republic) - Microsoft Partners in Learning Global Forum 2012: Sec 2 Integrated Curriculum (28 November – 1 December 2012)

AWARD - CrADLe-Microsoft 21st Century Innovative Teaching Award 2012