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21st Century Competencies

At Crescent, we recognise the critical need to develop 21st Century skills and proficiencies in our students to help them succeed in a diverse, global, complex and media-saturated society. Our interdisciplinary, integrated and project-based curriculum is designed to provide opportunities for the development and mastery of the following 21st Century Competencies in our students:

      • Collaboration
      • Global Awareness
      • Knowledge Construction
      • Real-World Problem-Solving and Innovation
      • Skilled Communication
      • Use of ICT for Learning   

Co-curricular participation cultivates the following 21st Century Competencies in our students, as well as recognise exemplary conduct and active contribution:

      • Self-regulation
      • Leadership
      • Social Skills

It is hoped that most Crescentians will attain the 5-6 range in the scoring metrics for each skill before they leave the school. Students will receive assessment feedback indicating the level attained for each assessed competency over the year.

Scoring Metric
Approaching Expectation
Exceeding Expectation
1-2 3-4