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Physical Education Department


Students who are fit for life!


To equip students with knowledge and basic skills for the pursuit of life-long healthy living.  


By the end of the Secondary 4, a Crescentian should be able to:
  • Acquire the basic skills to play 6 games - at least 1 from each category of Territorial, Net, Striking & Fielding games; 
  • Acquire the basic skills to perform at least 2 track and 2 field events;  
  • Perform a sequence of movements in a group, rhythmically to music; 
  • Choreograph and perform a dance to the beat of music; 
  • Acquire outdoor skills;
  • Design a safe, specific and appropriate exercise programme based on F.I.T.T Principle.

Special Programmes

  • Weekly Mass Run
  • Weekly Mass Dance Aerobics   
  • Biennial Sports Carnival
  • Biennial Cross Country
  • Annual Health Week 
  • Sec 2 Sports Education Enrichment Programme
  • Sec 3 Outward Bound Singapore Multi-School 5D4N camp

Internal Competitions

Inter-House Championship 
  • Bi-annual post-examination inter-house game competitions 
  • Sports Carnival, Cross Country
  • House Cheer & Mascot competitions

Inter-Class Game Competitions 
  • Sec 1 Basketball  
  • Sec 2 Softball
  • Sec 3 Volleyball
  • Sec 4 Mass Dance

Inter-CCA Competition
  • Frisbee

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