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Creative Arts Department


To enhance the quality of life for the individual students and the school community by promoting the fine & performing arts; culinary & craft cultures; through learning, discovery and engagement.


A creative school community that participates in and values the arts and life skills essentials to their well-being.


Lower Secondary
  • Design & Technology Studies
  • Food & Consumer Education Studies
  • Lower Secondary Art
  • Lower Secondary Music
  • Higher Music (MEP)

Upper Secondary
  • ‘O’ Level Higher Music
  • ‘O’ Level Music


Music Elective Programme
  • Balinese & Javanese Gamelan Workshops
  • Conducting workshop with Ms Wang Ya-Hui
  • Indian Music Clinic with Dr Sandip Burman
  • Masterclass with Mr Radostin Todorov Kirchev (Piano)
  • Masterclass with Ms K. Zinn & Mr I. Filshtinskiy (Violin-Piano Duo)
  • Masterclass with Prof David Strange (Strings)
  • Masterclass with Ms Chisato Kusunoki, Steinway Artist (Piano)
  • Song-writing workshop
  • Workshop with Prof Siow Lee Chin (Strings)