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Cyber Wellness@Crescent

The aim of the Cyber Wellness programme is to develop Crescentians into discerning and responsible ICT users who are able to protect themselves and be responsible for their well-being in the cyberspace. 

The school adopts MOE’s Cyber Wellness Framework in educating our students on Cyber Wellness. This framework focuses on three key processes: Sense, Think and Act. 

MOE Cyber Wellness Framework

MOE's Cyber Wellness Framework
In order for the students to ‘sense’ and ‘think’, students are provided opportunities to analyze, evaluate and reflect on Cyber Wellness issues.
 CWP Teacher Teaching Student in CWP classroom
Platforms are also provided to allow students to translate their understanding into actions that will keep them safe while online. These platforms aim to let students take on the role as advocates to share the messages of Cyber Wellness with their peers, family and public. 

Three-tiered Approach to Cyber Wellness programme
A Three-tiered Approach to Cyber Wellness programme for students
Parents may refer to ICT Connection (a website created by MOE for parents) for a list of guides and tips, resources and useful links to reinforce Cyber Wellness education at home. 



Schools' Cyber Wellness Student Ambassador Recognition (STAR) Showcase

Crescent Girls' School is one of the 28 primary and secondary schools featured at the Schools Cyber Wellness Student Ambassador Recognition (STAR) Showcase during the inaugural Cyber Wellness Student Ambassadors Summit 2017 on 6 July. Featuring the theme "Inspire. Empower. Celebrate.", the summit is a biennial event to recognise and celebrate our schools' efforts to advocate cyber wellness. Schools selected for the showcase have displayed commendable student-led efforts and raised remarkable ideas that promote such values.