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"Work, Play, Train, Rest, We Are The Best!"

The National Police Cadet Corps aims to become the best youth organization in Singapore, one that actively helps to make Singapore the safest place in the world.

The National Police Cadet Corps works closely with the Singapore Police Force to develop its members to be active community leaders, fighting crime and keeping Singapore safe.

NPCC cadets undergo various training in their 4-year stint, which include physical fitness training, footdrills, campcraft skills, adventure camps, and police knowledge courses and visits. Secondary 2 to 4 cadets will experience adventure training held annually at the NPCC campsite in Pulau Ubin. The camps aim to build self-confidence through rope challenges, team collaboration through group activities, and leadership through the different roles in the various activities.

Cadets who are proficient in footdrills will have the opportunity to participate in major parades such as the National Police Cadet Corps Annual Parade, National Day Parade as well as Singapore Youth Festival Opening Ceremony Parade.

Cadets also have opportunities to work with the officers from Neighbourhood Police Centre in community involvement projects that are related to safety and security. In addition, cadets help to promote road safety and personal safety awareness among their peers in school.

Cadets’ achievements are recognized through attaining skill proficiency badges and rank promotion. Outstanding cadets will be nominated for the pinnacle SPF-NPCC Badge and promotion to the rank of Station Inspector.

The National Police Cadet Corps is a fulfilling and enriching co-curricular activity, one in which cadets learn and grow significantly in personal competencies and leadership.


  • Annual Unit Camp
  • NPCC Adventure Training Camp for Secondary 2 cadets
  • NPCC Survival Training Camp for Secondary 3 cadets
  • NPCC High Rope Challenge for Secondary 4 cadets

  • Biennial Inter–Unit Campcraft Competition
  • Biennial Inter– Unit Quiz
  • Annual Inter-Unit .22 Revolver Shooting Competition

  • NPCC Annual Parade
  • National Day Celebration Parade
  • Total Defence Day Commemoration Parade

Community Involvement:
  • NPCC Service Day
  • NPCC Values–In–Action Programmes
  • Community Security and Safety Programme for Secondary 2 cadets
  • Police Youth Ambassador Programme for Secondary 3 cadets


Mr Chan Xiao Yi

Other Teacher I/Cs:
Mdm Lim Hong Geok


As Admin 2 of NPCC, I've learned to model the way for my juniors and peers, as well as understanding the importance of setting a good example for them. By planning activities for the various training sessions, I realized how important teamwork and communication are. NPCC has also taught me about discipline and numerous other values. After 4 years being in this CCA, I have come to love this CCA and I am thankful for such a wonderful experience.”
- Tammy Gui (4S3) on leading the unit through 2015/2016

“Under the guidance of our seniors and Teacher Officers, I've learned to be more resilient. From the CCA, I've understood the value of teamwork in order for the unit to function well. Several activities in NPCC, such as the Adventure Training Camp and High Ropes Challenge, have also allowed me to push my limits and realize my potential.”
- Lin Yijun (4G3) on how NPCC has developed her

“NPCC has made me a better and more confident leader. From one of the shyest cadets in Secondary 1, I was later appointed as Secondary 2 NCO when my squad took over as leaders. Being in charge of the Secondary 2 Squad has taught me important qualities such as patience and enthusiasm. Through NPCC, I have forged some of the strongest friendships, experienced a CCA like no other, and changed for the better.”
- Pang Xin Yi Cassia (4S2) on being the NCO of the Secondary 2 squad

“To be honest, at the start of my NP journey, I was a little afraid and worried about NPCC being too tough. However as days went by, I realized that NPCC was not what I expected. Through the CCA, I have learned to be disciplined and even learned some survival skills that I may not have otherwise picked up on my own. Moreover, I found myself getting fitter after the training sessions.”
- Tan Boey (2C1) on what has changed since she joined NPCC

“NPCC has become a big part of my life, making me stronger in many ways through the training sessions and camps I've gone through. My NPCC journey has taught me many valuable lessons that will help me in life. I will not forget the experiences I have had with my squad because they are what makes NPCC more fun.”
- Dalene Ng (3S3) on her reflection in NPCC

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