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"NCC, 永远第一"

The National Cadet Corps (NCC) is an enriching CCA that strives to ensure that every cadet is not only physically fit , but also has good moral values as we strongly believe that no matter how capable a person is they will never be a good leader without the proper values.

As a Uniformed Group, we go through many training through which cadets will learn how to do foot drills, arm drills with a dummy rifle and learn how to synchronize with their other CCA mates while doing so. These activities require a tireless amount of effort to achieve. It is through such training that NCC cadets bond as they go through thick and thin together. At the same time, it instills discipline into cadets as they learn to be more attentive, concentrated and learn to respect the people teaching them these drills.

Being NCC cadets, they experience the true joy of overcoming challenges. Cadets often put their abilities to the test by volunteering to go through exciting NCC courses to expand their knowledge of NCC. They are required to attend annual camps and courses which are held at the Headquarters(HQ) campus. Some of them include Camp FORGE for Secondary Ones, Camp STEEL for Secondary Twos, Specialist Course for all Secondary Threes, Senior Specialist Course for the top 5 Secondary Three specialists and Camp Pinnacle for the top 2 Secondary Three specialists. Through these camps and courses, cadets' emotional intelligence is put to the test and they are adequately prepared for further leadership training in order to lead their unit with pride and dedication.

In Crescent NCC, we hold our core values very dear to our hearts. A Crescent NCC cadet is always upright, committed, responsible and most importantly, one who genuinely cares for their fellow cadets. At the end of one’s NCC journey, their hardwork, tears and sweat eventually pay off. One can never forget the 4 meaningful years spent with their platoonmates, Juniors and Seniors. No one is forgotten from Crescent NCC.


Sec 1 Orientation
Precision Drill Squad Competition
Freestyle Exhibition Drill Competition
Orienteering Competition
Shooting Competition
Annual NCC Camps


Mdm Eugenia Kok

Other Teacher I/Cs:
Ms Poh Zhaoxin
Mdm Phua Pejuan
Mr Norman Ng


“Throughout our 4 years in NCC, we have learnt many new things and gone through various challenges — but one thing is for sure, we never did it alone. We always had our platoonmates as well as Teacher Officers to help us through it all; NCC became our second home, the home where we have nurtured different values, and shaped our character. The time, effort and energy we’ve spent in NCC has all been extremely worthwhile and we would not want to trade our 4 years spent in NCC for anything else.”
- Delta’21, Senior Cadet Leaders of NCC 2021

“I had always thought a CCA could not possibly teach me important values that could be used in the future. NCC had definitely proved that point wrong. By joining NCC and following our motto of “leaving no men behind”, I had undoubtedly overcome multiple challenges and attained many achievements that was only obtainable through the generous help of my platoonmates. After going through the highs and lows together as one, I have absolutely forged strong and sincere friendships and created plenty of wonderful memories that would never die in my heart.”
- Corporal Shaza Kareem, Unit Sergeant Major, Charlie’21, Cadet Leaders of NCC 2021

“Joining NCC was never my plan in Primary School. However, it has added up to be one of the best decisions I had ever taken in my journey as a Crescentian. Through hardships and perseverance, drills and marching, NCC has taught me a plethora of values and skills that I know will come in handy in my future endeavours. After almost 3 splendid years in Crescent NCC, I have gained some of my closest friends, forming a unique and unbreakable bond between every one of us. In hindsight, I am positive that I could not have chosen a more fulfilling, fun and enriching CCA!”
- Corporal Muralitharan Viehha, Assistant Unit Sergeant Major, Charlie’21, Cadet Leaders of NCC 2021

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