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Girl Guides

"We build, we strike, we ignite"

Girl Guides is an all-in-one CCA with a training programme that features a range of diverse activities, from tent-pitching to arts and crafts that mold the Guides into versatile ladies and leaders of tomorrow.

All Guides undergo rigorous basic training, which comprises gadget-making, tent-pitching, outdoor cooking, and foot drills. This training inculcates a high level of discipline and preparedness in any situation.

Through Guiding, Guides hone numerous skills through unique experiences outside the classroom, attaining badges in the process. Proficiency badges give Guides opportunities to develop various skillsets. In attaining the Craft Badge, for instance, Guides learn to create artworks using different types of objects such as clay figurines. The World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGS) badges such as the Free Being Me badge gives Guides a chance to stop and reflect on the world around them, and the influence it has on the way they think about themselves and other people. Furthermore, Guides also attend courses such as the First Aid Course to improve themselves through learning basic first aid, which further develops a sense of responsibility they have for the people around them.

Additionally, Girl Guides regularly organise and attend campfires. Here at Crescent, one of the major campfire events is the Secondary One Orientation Campfire. During the event, each Secondary One class is coached by the Girl Guides and will showcase their camp songs, such as Peace by The River and Gako the Frog! At the campfire, the Guides will also put up an engaging performance using song and dance. There are also various performances by other CCAs keen to showcase their talents to the Secondary Ones.

A core value of Girl Guides in Crescent – “Once a Guide, Always a Guide” – anchors deeply within the hearts of all Guides. We firmly believe that a Girl Guide will always be part of the guiding family, even after graduation, and every senior will be welcomed back with open arms. Another motto of ours – “Be prepared” – instils a culture of readiness to tackle any obstacle or challenge by being observant and vigilant at all times.


  • Sec 1 Orientation Campfire
  • World Thinking Day
  • South Division Day
  • Annual Guides Camp


Ms Ting Hui Yi

Other Teacher I/Cs:
Mdm Joanne Ang
Ms Wan Azrina
Ms Vivienne He


“As an Assistant Company Leader (ACL) of Coy 2 in 2020/2021, I have had a lot of opportunities to lead the Company. I have learnt a lot through this process, like adapting to unexpected situations such as the Covid-19 pandemic where we had to switch to online CCA. I realized the importance of teamwork and learnt many skills such as axemanship, tent pitching and many more which made me step out of my comfort zone and learn something new that I wouldn't have learnt if not for Guides. Overall, It was an unforgettable 4-year journey that I am grateful for.”
– Seeman Mithra Vindya (4C1), on her leading experience after 4 years in Girl Guides

“Ever since I joined the Girl Guides, my understanding of the importance of teamwork deepened as I continue to work together with my patrol, company and batch mates. Other than that, through the outdoor activities that we do, such as tent-pitching, I was able to develop my resilience, perseverance and gain new experiences that I would not have been able to get in other CCAs! Although Covid-19 has halted many activities that I was looking forward to, I am not disheartened because just like our motto, “Be Prepared”, I am sure we will be able to overcome any challenges!”
– Khairunnisa Binte Mustaffa (3G3), Patrol Leader of Kingfisher, on her experience after 3 years in Girl Guides

“Ever since I joined Girl Guides in Secondary One, I always find myself looking forward to the CCA sessions as I get to learn many new skills and participate in fun activities. Through the different activities such as tent pitching, outdoor cooking, and the tying of different lashes, I have learnt how to work well with my peers and to persevere through any adversity. Being a Girl Guide has taught me invaluable life skills and outdoor skills, which I believe will be of much use to me in the future. I look forward to participating in more CCA sessions and activities such as Annual Camp!”
– Chia Kae Lyn (2C2), Patrol Member of Flowerpecker, on skills and values she has learnt from the Girl Guides activities thus far

“My favourite aspect about guides is the different life skills that I get to learn during the different activities. My most memorable activity would be the one where we learnt how to sew a mask. I truly enjoyed the activity as I got to bond more with my friends despite the small groups we had to work in due to social distancing measures. It taught me the importance of helping the less fortunate in a global pandemic through my newly acquired skill. In addition, I learnt that monetary donations are not the only way of helping the less fortunate but also through donating everyday items which we take for granted for, such as masks, which are highly relevant amidst the ongoing pandemic. I am extremely delighted that I chose to join Girl Guides as my CCA. To me, Girl Guides is my second home and I’m looking forward to learning more life skills and forging stronger friendships.”
–Vaishali Madhavan (1C1), patrol member of Morning Glory, on her feelings of joining Girl Guides

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