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House Leaders

5 Colours, 1 Crescent Family!

The Crescent House consists of five different houses, namely Bronte, Curie, Fry, Keller and Pankhurst. The five houses participate in the annual Crescent House Challenge, in which they compete in various competitions to accumulate points! It was designed to unite the houses in a competitive yet fun and engaging way, taking advantage of athletic and artistic components to enhance cohesion. It nurtures the students’ potential, ultimately bringing about a harmonious realm of school spirit. The house which earns the most points throughout the course of the year is awarded the title of ‘CHAMPION HOUSE’ for its efforts.

The Crescent House organizes not only sporting events such as the biennial Cross Country and Sports Carnival but also other events such as Champion Seminar, an event in which House takes great pride. It serves to congratulate, give recognition and thank the students’ efforts in bringing glory to the school.

To most Crescentians, the House is the school spirit. Tuesday and Thursday mornings at the Alexandra Canal are never quiet with the loud, booming voices of House Leaders constantly encouraging and cheering their schoolmates on during the weekly FITT Runs. Of course, we can’t forget FITT aerobics, which is also very much loved by the Crescentians as they sing along to the latest hits while exercising.

We are also easily identified by the brightly coloured house shirts each of the five houses, Bronte, Curie, Fry, Keller and last but not least Pankhurst. Each of these houses named after inspirational women who have made a difference in this world. Bronte, named after The Bronte Sisters, Curie, after Marie Curie, Fry after Elizabeth Fry, Keller named after Helen Keller and Pankhurst named after Emmeline Pankhurst. By naming each house after motivational women, it serves as an inspiration to all Crescentians to follow in their footsteps to become our very own influential Ladies and Leaders of tomorrow.

“H O U S E we are awesome can’t you see - Red, purple, green and blue, don’t forget orange too!”


  • Sec 1 Orientation Cheer competition
  • Sec 1 Welcome House party
  • Inter-house noticeboard competition
  • Cross-country
  • Sports day
  • CIP at MOE HQ
  • First aid course
  • Student Leadership Camp Training
  • Sec 1 Leadership selection camp
  • Champion Seminar Presentation
  • Champion Seminar Rehearsal
  • Champion Seminar Event
  • House Jam
  • House Camp

Event: House Camp

Keller’s strong perseverance during the dragon boating event caused the house standing to trigger to put Keller at the top as the winner of House Camp.

Event: Cross Country 2013
The intense cross-country ended with Curie clinching gold after the girls sprinted fast in the last stretch and hence, they had no difficulty in crossing the finishing line. What a great start of the year!

Event: X Country Banner
Pankhurst gets the spotlight with their spectacular artistic impressions featured on their banner.

Event: Inter-House Notice Board Competition
It is amazing how Keller is able to squeeze all their creative ideas into that limited space and that truly amazed us.

Event: Inter-House Games
Pankhurst girls are indeed sporty as they emerged winners way ahead of others.

Event: Champion Seminar 2013
Keller manages to make everybody’s jaw drop with their proposal. Great job Keller!

Event: Inter-House Write-Up Competition
Bronte and Keller are able to make their article unique as well as refreshing.



Mr Ho Yuan Seng

Other Teacher I/Cs:
Ms Nadrah Sadali


“House is a changing point in Crescent for me. It has taught me a lot and made me feel a lot more welcomed. Having taken up a house is a great responsibility and it has definitely groomed me to become a better person and leader. Being able to influence Crescentians during FITT run and aerobics is something that I really enjoy. House is now an extremely important part of my life in Crescent and it is something that I’ll never regret taking up.”
-Yao Chenxi (3G2)

“Joining House is the best decision I have ever made in my entire Crescent life. I am really passionate about House and enjoy carrying out my duties very much. As the Captain of Keller, I feel that House has given me lots of opportunities to excel. I have taken away many valuable experiences with me and become more determined. More importantly, I spend the best moments with my batchmates as we strive hard together to be ‘Champion House 2013’. I am very thankful towards Mr Ho for his guidance, which has shaped me into a better leader. House is somewhere where I feel really comfortable in and can forget all my troubles.”
– Rachel Chua Jia Ying (3S1)

“As a house leader, I have really become much more enthusiastic, cheerful and have gained a lot of leadership experience so I am very thankful to the teachers and my peers who have made me into who I am today. Although I have faced obstacles and failures during my journey as a house leader, that is what that made me learn more and improve so I am really grateful to be a House leader and I will put in my best efforts to do whatever I can for House!”
- Tan Wei Jia (3G3), FRY House Athletics Rep 

“Being a house leader has taught me many different things and ever since I joined house, I’ve been exposed to many things. Not only have I learnt to be more outspoken and confident, I’ve also learnt how to plan events and got to interact with my house mates more in planning these events such as Cross Country and Champion Seminar. I don’t think I will ever regret joining house as house has been one of the best decisions I have made.”
– Shena Tan CURIE House Aesthetics Rep (3G1)

“Being in House means a lot to me. It’s such a responsibility and it makes the school spirit livelier. I have learnt how to take my own route towards things and always be a leader. It has inspired me to give my all to everything I can because no matter what you can always make it. It isn’t just about ‘your friend in the colour shirt cheering you on during FITT Run’. We are the school spirit. We make life in Crescent more enjoyable and memorable. House taught me house to put trust in others, have a smile on my face even through hard times and know that we are all in this together.”
- Amaris (2G2), Pankhurst House

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Crescent CCA House Leader
Crescent CCA House Leader